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Where can't articles be placed during pre-flight?

In the canopy


Who must check all panels in pre-flight?

ALL aircrew, particularly the baggage door.


What should be done when opening spring-loaded latches?

Open under resistance to prevent damage.


When should the QRF be locked?

At all times unless releasing or fitting shoulder straps.


What are the considerations for conducting control checks?

Don't bang against the stops, it is possible to activate NWS if moved in clockwise direction.


When must the park brake be reset?

It must be reset and pressure checked prior to removing chocks.


When should EPU be used for starting? What is available at Pearce?

Whenever available. Christies GPU and Houchin power cart.


What can result from a battery start?

Generally higher peak ITT and increased risk of exceeding limits. Be wary of hot starts.


Factors affecting peak ITT on start?

Battery voltage: higher voltage = cooler start

Ng when PCL idle: delayed PCL = higher mass flow and cooler start

Wind: headwind component for all battery starts where possible.

Battery temp: low ambient temp may reduce voltage output and give hotter start


How is the brake check to be conducted at Pearce and away base?

At Pearce taxi 2-3 metres and stop, await thumbs up then proceed.
Away base, no need to stop just test the brakes.

In both cases, smooth application in case of brake failures.


Actions on no handler on return to lines?

Student pilots - hold clear and await marshaller


What speed should AC taxi in the lines?

Slow walking pace


Taxi separation?

50 metres unless FOD hazard exists, then 100 metres


When can't the ORP's be used?

When airfield is uncontrolled.


What must happen following an abort both Solo/mutual and dual?

Solo/mutual - return to lines following brake cooling period

Dual - taxi minimum distance and stop to allow brakes to cool unless reciprocal RWY available.


How should the canopy be opened and closed?

Firm grasp when between closed and locked up.


Consids for canopy in high wind or rain?

Have open for the minimum time.


How can you taxi with an unlocked canopy?

Qualified pilots can when wind less than 10 kts and both crew with oxygen on 100%. A pilot should secure canopy with left hand during taxi and when moving the canopy


What are the TACAN check tolerances?

Radial within 4deg
Range within 0.5nm
With check radial set:
CDI deflection <=4deg
CDI deflection and TACAN radial within 2deg


What is done to avoid unstrapping with a live seat?

After landing Cx clear of runway
Visually check other occupent's seat pin.
Lift IF hood so rail is visible from outside
Marshaller checks, signal back as appropriate
When checking seat pin, look at seat NOT rail
Unstrap with EMERG EGRESS sequence
If UNSERV before takeoff, conduct after landing Cx.


What distance should starting/running aircraft be from replenishment (oxy/fuel) units?

20 metres minimum