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How many colonies did the British set up in America



Name five original colonies of the 13 in North America

New York
New Jersey


What is no taxation without representation

That only the assemblies they elected had the right to tax them


What happened after the Americans resisted the stamp act

They replaced it with a tax on tea


What was the Boston tea party

The Boston tea party was when the men from Massachusetts dressed up and Indians and borded a ship and threw a cargo of tea over bored


What did King George do to punish the men of the Boston tea party

He reduced the power of the Massachusetts assembly


what was the continental congress

It was when all the coloines sent all there representatives to the continental congress which met in Philadelphia


Who was George Washington

He was a representative from Virginia who owned a plantation with maney black slaves


What happened in 1775

Fighting broke out between British troops and Americans at Lexington near Boston


What did the congress do to help Boston

They set up an army they appointed George Washington as the commander and chief


What was the Declaration of Independence

In 1776 the Congress issue the declaration of independence it said
that people have certain rights which are no government could take away from them

the Americans were in title to fight for independence against King George the third because he interfered with their rights


Who had decided to help Washington in the war

France had decided to help


What happened in the Treaty of Versailles or in 1782

They recognise the independence of American colonies


Who was the first president of America

George Washington was the first president of America


How long did Washington hold his position for

8 years


What were the results of the American Revolution

In Europe people admired the rights and freedom is the Americans had one for themselves and wanted to imitate them

the American revolution in courage similar revelations in France and Ireland


What were the three groups in France called

They were divided into three groups called estates
the first estate
the second estate
the third estate


What was the first estate

The first estate was the clergy of the Catholic Church the church and a great deal of land but did not pay taxes instead French peasants pay the tax called tithe to the clergy


What was the second estate

The second estate was the nobles they also owed a great deal of land and enjoyed many privileges
nobles did not pay taxes
nobles got the top jobs in the government
Peasants have to pay taxes called the feudal dues to the nobles


What was the third estate

All the other French people belong to the third estate about 80% of them were peasants
they pay taxes to the king to the nobles and to the clergy
they resented the privileges of the first and second Estates


How and who was France ruled by

France was ruled by King Louis the 16th who was popular but his wife queen Marie Antoinette was very much disliked

He was an absolute monarch he did not have to consult with anyone before making laws or rising taxs


What was the divine right of kings

This meant that King Louis believes that God gave him the right to rule France


What was the enlightenment

This was when people began to question the old ways of doing things


Who were too important writers in the enlightenment

Rousseau and Voltaire were very important writers in the Enlightenment they criticised the way France was ruled and said

* The people not God gave a king the right to rule
*If a king did not rule well the people have the right to overthrow him *everyone should be equal and no group should have a special privileges


What was the meeting of the estates general

The war in America cost Louie a lot of money to pay for it he wanted the nobles and the Clergy to pay taxs

they refuse and demanded that Louis called a meeting of the estates general

Louie agreed and elections to the Estates general took place all over France

People drew up lists of grievances (called cahiers) that they wanted the Estates general to deal with these included unfair taxes and privileges of the nobles and clergy


What is the tennis court oath

The promise by the third estate that they would not go home unless they were given reform


What was the fall of the Bastille

Many working people were hungry because of bad harvest they pushed up the price of bread They hoped that the new National Assembly would help them when the sans culottes heard a rumour that the king was planning to close it down they formed a national guard on 4 July 1789 they attacked and captured Bastille a royal fortress which is in the centre of Paris after that peasants around France to go over the land belonging to the nobles


What was the declaration of the right of man

After the bastille fell the National Assembly abolish the privilege of the clergy and the nobles it also issue the declaration of the rights of man that said
that Government power came from the people not from God
citizens have the right to free speech freedom of religion and equal treatment
under the law these ideals were summed up in the slogan liberty equality and fraternity
in September 1789 the royal family in the National Assembly moved from Versailles or to Paris


What was the civil Constitution of the clergy

In 1791 the National Assembly produced a new constitution it took away the kings power to make laws
they also brought in the civil Constitution of the clergy the government took over all of the churches property and forced priests and the bishops to take an oath to the new constitution this annoyed many Catholics and turn them against the revolution


Who were the Maximilian Robespierre and the jacobins

In the assembly one party the Jacobins wanted to get rid of the King turned France into a republic and abolish Christianity their leader was Maximilian Robespierre a lawyer he was a good speaker and popular with the San culottes


What was the flight to Varennes,

King Louis did not like what was happening in 1791 he decided to escape from France with his family they slipped out of Paris in disguise but were recognised at Varennes and brought back in disgrace soon after the assembly declared war on Austria and Prussia they also promised to help any people anywhere who wanted to be free


What happened when the king was executed

At first the war went badly after riots in August at 1792 Louis and his family were imprisoned and a new assembly called the convention was elected on 22 September 1792 the convention abolish the monarchy and declared that France was the Republic they also put the King on trial for plotting with France's enemies he was found guilty and guillotined


Give three reasons why the revolution was in danger

The execution of King Louis shocked Europe's other rulers
in 1793 Britian Spain and the Neverland joined in the war several foreign armies invaded France
in western France groups who are loyal to the king or to the Catholic Church rebelled against the Republican government