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Soteriological aspects

Every aspect of our salvation (justification, sanctification, glorification) is inherent to our union with Christ.


Three understandings of Union

1. In
- you in Christ, Christ in you
- the sphere of your existence. from "in Adam' to "in Christ"

2. With
- you participated with Christ in everything that he did

3. Through
- Christ is the medium in engaging our agency (good works)


Four categories of Union

1. Transactional Union
- our sin for his righteousness

2. Personal aspect - what becomes ours in Christ
- the mind and love of Christ
- engaging in relationships

3. Situational Union
- brought out of darkness into the kingdom of God
- our warfare is spiritual
- we have become redemptive agents in God's kingdom

4. Sacramental Union - common in catholic and orthodox
- the body of Christ is the locus of God's presence in this world


What does it mean to be conformed to the image of Christ?

- restoration of a correct image bearing
- doing humanity the same way Jesus did humanity
- the objective is to become more of you via being united with the person of Christ.


Dynamics - what does this mean for us?

1. Present-Escathological
2. Personal-Corporate



1. "Already, but not yet"
- Trying to embody the future life creates tension with the reality of sin right now
- Jew conception of Messianic liberation (present evil age/ the age to come) vs. Reformed understanding of the overlap of those ages.



1. Being united to Christ is being part of the community of God
- no such thing as growing in righteousness in isolation