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What is an embedded operating system?

An embedded system is a computer system or appliance designed for a very specific function.


What is the purpose of firmware in an embedded system?

Firmware provides all the functions for interacting with the device hardware.


Which of the following is an open source mobile operating system?



In the Device Manager window, you notice a yellow exclamation mark next to a specific device. What is most likely the problem?

The driver for that device is either missing or the wrong version.


What is the basic function of an operating system?

Providing an interface between user and machine


Why are server operating systems likely to include software packages (or roles)?

They often use one role to run network services and a different role to support specific functions for more users.


Which of these is NOT considered an aspect of a Type 1 hypervisor?

A Type 1 hypervisor runs as a software application "within" a host's operating system.


What needs to be installed on a PC to manage computer hardware and software resources?

Operating system


If you are interested in viewing real-time statistics of processor and memory usage, which Windows operating system tool should you open?

Task Manager


In the Windows operating system, where do you navigate to when you want to install new operating system features?

Control Panel


What is a hotfix?

An update that is typically issued on an emergency basis to address a specific security vulnerability