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What are the energy transfers as a cloud of gas becomes a star?

Gravitational potential energy -> Random kinetic energy -> Nuclear energy -> EM wave energy


What happens as the kinetic energy of the gas particles increases?

They collide more


What happens when the temperature and pressure within a star reach a critical point?

Nuclear fusion begins


What does this do?

Releases an outward force to stabilise the star against its own gravity


What nuclei are involved in the first steps of nuclear fusion within a star?

Hydrogen nuclei


How do the hydrogen nuclei fuse to form a helium nucleus?

2 hydrogen-1 fuse to form hydrogen-2, positron and electron neutrino
Hydrogen-2 and hydrogen-1 fuse to form helium-3 and gamma waves
Two helium-3 fuse to form helium-4 and 2 hydrogen nuclei