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Who is the owner of Order 315 - Violent Crime Impact

Commanding Officer of Violent Crime
Impact Team


_____ or higher authority will notify the Investigative Dispatcher of the request for the Violent Crime Impact Team to respond.

Patrol supervisor


A Violent Crime Impact Team detective will be requested to respond to the scene 24 hours a day for the following gang/group related incidents: (5)

firearm related aggravated batteries,
firearm related aggravated assaults,
shooting into occupied dwellings/conveyances,
any other incident approved by the Violent Crimes Impact Team Sergeant or Unit Commander.


The Violent Crimes Impact Team/Alcohol Tobacco Firearms (ATF) Task Force Supervisor or designee will be notified 24 hours a day under the following circumstances: (2)

a. When a burglary or attempted burglary occurs to a business with a Federal Firearms License where firearms are sold (i.e., gun dealer, pawn shop, etc.);
b. When a suspect is in custody for a burglary, attempted burglary, or theft of firearm(s) from a business with a Federal Firearms License.