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what are the 5 issues of investigating schizophrenia?

diagnostic criteria
lack of insight
does schizophrenia exist


to be diagnosed with schizophrenia what has to be assessed?

a persons behaviour in relation to the diagnostic criteria found in the DSM-V or the ICD-10


why is diagnostic criteria a potential issue with patients with older diagnosis'?

they may not match the criteria found in the manuals today


why is reliability an issue in relation to diagnostic criteria?

the criteria in the two manuals are not identical, so a person may be classified as having schizophrenia by one, but not the other


unlike other mental illnesses, what do people with schizophrenia have difficulty doing?

accepting their diagnosis


why do people with schizophrenia have difficulty accepting their diagnosis?

they believe their delusions and hallucinations are real
or because they cant express their beliefs fully


why is lack of insight an issue when it comes to researching schizophrenia using self report methods?

hard to use self report methods to get a sense of what it is like to live with schizophrenia


why is lack of insight an issue when it comes to tracking symptoms?

people don't accept their symptoms, its hard to identify when symptoms develop (onset)


what is there still a great amount of surrounding schizophrenia?

misunderstanding - stigma


why is stigma an issue in finding people to volunteer for schizophrenia research?

people are reluctant to come forward to do the research
sample is small and less representative


why is stigma in issue in investigating schizophrenia?

people are reluctant to seek help


many negative symptoms of schizophrenia can be confused with the symptoms of which other disorder?



what is co-morbidity?

many individuals with schizophrenia go on to develop depression


why is depression a potential issue in investigating schizophrenia?

difficulty in distinguishing whether the symptoms are of depression or schizophrenia


some researchers believe because there are such big differences in symptoms of schizophrenia, we shouldn't do what?

diagnose them as having the same disorder


what are some potential issues of researching schizophrenia if it doesn't exist?

how can you research something that doesn't exist
research lacks internal validity
many different patients and symptoms

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