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Bacteria, viruses, Fungi / Parasites - decreased T celss

Bacteria: sepsis
Viruses: CMV, EBV,JCV, VZV, chronice infenction with respiratory / GI viruses
fungi/parasites: Candida (local) PCP


Bacteria, viruses, Fungi / Parasites - decreased B celss

Bacteria: encapsulated
Virus enteroviral encephalitis, poliovirus (live vaccine contraindicated
fungi/ parasites: giardias (if no IgA)


Bacteria, viruses, Fungi / Parasites - decreased granulocytes

1. staphylococcus
2. Burkholderia cepacia
3. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
4. Serratia
5. Nocardia
Viruses : no
fungi / parasites: Candida (systemic), aspergillus, mucormycosis


Bacteria, viruses, Fungi / Parasites - low complement

bacteria --> encapsuled species with early complement deficiencies, Neisseria with late compoment deficiencies


Imunnodeficiency disorder with low INF - γ

IL-12 deficiency
2. AD hyper -IGE syndrome (Job syndrome)


Immunodeficiency disorder with cold abscess

AD hyper - IgE syndrome (job syndrome)


Immunodeficiency disorder with fewer and smaller platelets

Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome


Immunodeficiency disorder with delayed spearation of umpilical cord

Leukocyte adhesion deficiency


Immumodeficiency disorder with infiltrative lympho histiocytosis

Chediak-Higashi syndrome


• A patient with odynophagia and thrush is likely to have a deficiency of what type of immune cell?

T cells or granulocytes, as this patient has Candida esophagitis causing painful swallowing


What effect can a T-cell deficiency have on a bacterial infection?

Easy dissemination (sepsis)


• What is the difference between T-cell and B-cell deficiencies?

T-cell deficiencies tend to have recurrent viral/fungal infections, and B-cell deficiencies tend to have recurrent bacterial infections


A patient has a B-cell deficiency. What types of recurrent bacterial infections is he most susceptible to?

Encapsulated (Streptococcus pneumoniae,H.influenzae,N.meningitidis,E. coli,Salmonella,Klebsiella,group B Strep [SHiNE SKiS])


A child has a B-cell deficiency. What type of poliovirus vaccine is contraindicated?

Sabin oral (live), attenuated polio vaccine


A child with an immunodeficiency has greasy, foul-smelling stools. What immunodeficiency is likely?

B-cell deficiency with no immunoglobulin A (giardiasis), leading to lack of mucosal immunity


• A boy with C8 complement deficiency requires a vaccine. Which vaccine does he need? Which bacterium is he most susceptible to and why?

Meningococcal vaccine; Neisseria, as there is no formation of membrane attack complex (late complement deficiency)


• A patient has recurrent infections with encapsulated organisms. His B-cell counts are normal. What other defect may be to blame?

Early complement deficiencies