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why was Britains' role important in the early 1940s

USA was persuaded by Britain to open a front in meditterenean.
Britain encouraged its self governing domions to get involved with the war effort
maintained good relationship with USSR even though they took brunt of war
atlantic charter- not forced to give up empire


how did the US initially support the UK

mainly through helping with supplies, giving over ships
1941- lend lease act- allowed to give defence items to countries it deemed suitable eg britain given 31.6 billion
1940- 50 old us destroyers given to britain
1939- repeals neutrality act


why did Roosevelt initially not want to be involved in WW2

unpopular to be involved in another European war, there was concerns about japan.
issues that congress needed to support declaration of war
believed britain would gain colonies
moral obligations to british empire


what and when was the atlantic charter

stated common principles between UK and USA= before usa enters war


why was the US inital help useless

destroyers given to the UK were obselite
USA took UK gold from south africa as guarntee for payments for payments
USA made profits from selling arms


when does the USA enter the war

december 1941 as a result of peral harbour


what are the examples of churchill and Roosevelt having good war relations

persuades not to invade france 'operation sledgehammer'
followed Britains mediterreanean strategy
followed into Italy


where were relations strained between churchill and Roosevelt during WW2

Disagreed where to focus war effort
USA abandons europe first
Churchill's plan of bringing Turkey into war rejected
Roosevelt started favouring stalin eg meeting without churchill
USA organised operation overlord


why was churchill and stalins relationship strained to begin with

hated the ideology
stalin was also a brutal dictator like Hitler
against revolution in 1917
' if hitler invaded hell i would make a favourable reference of the devil to the house of commons'


what was the percentages agreement with stalin

agreed over spheres of influence over europe
Romania controlled by Russia but Britain and USA could have Greece


why were Churchills and Degaulles relationships strained

1297 French men killed after churchill sinks french fleet
very difficult to deal with
disliked by US
saw himself as leader of post war france with UK and US didn't accept


how were relationships with Degaulle positive

loved france and spoke the language
offered union between France and britain to keep them in war
British retreat was betrayal


what was the atlantic conference

CR 1941- Atlantic charter


what was the first washington conference

CR 1942- Europe first policy and UN


what was the second washington conference

CR 1942- opening another front in north africa


what was the second moscow conference

CS, Harriman 1942=uss startegy of the mediterranean


what was the casablanca conference

1943- DG, R, C= italian campaign and plan to unify the French leadership


what was the third washington conference

1943- CR= Italian campaign and air bombing of Germany


what was the quebec coneference

1943- CR and King Canadian PM- DDay discussed as being 1944


what was the cairo conference

1943- CR leader of china- plans for post war asia


what was the tehran conference

1943- CRS= first meeting of big three, dates set for the invasion of france


what was the second cairo conference

1944 CR- war in far east


what was the second quebec conference

1944 CR- Morgenthau plan- plan for post war germany


what was the 4th moscow conference

1944CS- post war spheres of influence


what was the yalta conference

1945 CRS- USSR Entry into war in japan


what was the potsdam conference

1945 CSAT-unconditional surrender of japan and policy for germany


how was churchills attitudes to post war world

special relationship with the USA
defence of the empire
greater interest in the Balkan states and eastern european spheres of influence than in relations with western europe


what did churchill wish for in europe

called for a european union from 1930 onwards and called for more unifcation between countries like France and Britain


why were there issues with Britains position in the world post WW2

britain struggled economically
had many obligations
britain was getting drawn into us hostility to russia
resentment of british dominance in commonwealth
conservatives resented idea of european union
iron curtain speech showed europe to be divided


when was the iron curtain speech



what was the significance of the iron curtain speech

rallied opinion against communist expansion
at the time it was unpopular as many thanked the USSR for WW2
only churchill's real understanding of the USSR