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male victims v fmale victimes total proportion by nonstranger in violent crime

F have higher percent of knowing their attacker- more likely to be a nonstranger

makes sense because men do mate guarding- more possessive ot partners- vigilance changes with ovulatory fertile cycle- random call, show up, violence, ofrm of coercion


intimate partner violence

in females, one of the most danerous idnividuals is their boyfriend or spouse


murder relationship

who is being killed- wives murdered at hiher rate/girlfriends murdered at higher rate - victimizaitaon- violence


percent reporting greater distreess to sexual infidenlity vs sexual infidetliy vs. love infdientlity vs emotional infidently

males were more hooked on sexual infidentlity- more important

female- love, emotional infertility, - if partner goes to another female for support

males are more vigilant, violent
females are v concerned about status and resource of partner and emotional bond is imoprntatn


Males are also concerned with

paternity uncertantiny, sex- will do anything to make sure kids are his- certainty of paternity to not raise offspring not his own- 1 in 20 in the US- is there an adaptive advantage to why men are so violent?



indigenous society- how we lived 50000 years ago- group of males- extremely violent towards neighboring tribes- blood revenge- kill individuals = get revenge



blood revenge, being revenge- more wives, more offspring
produce three to four times more offspring- if heribale, level of aggression increases


male aggression- heritable trait- MAOA

- monoamine oxidase A

heritability of aggression in males
selection slects for it


agression pays off in other ways.. example

Genghis Khan- lots of sexual partners and offspring lots of power- polygyny- impregnante 1000s of individuals



used a lot during war time, perpetuate among women of conquered- ultimate conquereing- effective, demoralizing, assimilates population, intimate way to conquer population


effective forced copultaion on male perptrating's fitness

waterfowl- rape in ducks, mallard duck gets raped many times


number of clutches- egg in certain nest vs. percent of egg fertilized by orced copulation

some father by individuals, egnage in forced copulation
quails- sexually antagonist trait- good for M, cost to F


does forced copulation work in humans

rate of conception in rape v consensual sex- is there a difference? is this a strategy? rape pregnancy is about two times what consensual pregnangcy raes are- glimmer of evidence our soceity is like non humans- forced coputlation- genetic payoff? adaptive trait?


variations in risk taking behavior

males can detect when females fertile which are dangerosu times- behaviors of women hcange during twenty eight day cycle- risky- probability of rape, nonrisky- no as risk


if females have evolved, females will exhibit risky behaviro during ____

non fertile part of cycle- ovulating- non risky behaior- garud against rape?


total handgrip difference vs menstrual phase

measure strength of hand grip- watchi video of normal interaction vs staged sexual assault
menstrual, follicualr, weak handgrip
when ovulating and stage sex assault - total handgrip very strong= when male recognize rape may occur
women have evolved ways to content with rape



female genital mutilation

why is this done? ritual in ethnic groups
remove labia- clitoris-vagina sealed

is this a crime or permissable cultural practice???

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