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using traditional copper telephone lines with analogue signals to connect a computer to a network

dial-up a.


[C] a special window on a screen allowing the user to communicate with the computer by entering information or setting options

dialogue (AmE also dialog) box n.


[C] any number from 0 to 9

digit n.


using a series of the digits one and zero to receive and send information by means of an electronic signal that is either on or off

digital a.


to convert analogue information into a digital form that can be read and processed by a computer

digitize v.


[C] a virtual container used to organize other directories and files in a hierarchical structure

directory (also folder) n.


to turn off an optional software item, making it non-functional

disable v.


[C] a part of the Internet that is owned by an organization or person, where they can upload files or access email

domain n.


(of a computer or computer system) not working and not ready for use

down a.


- to transfer data from a server to your computer
- [C] the data transferred from a server to your computer

download v., n.


[C] a hardware device that reads and writes information on disks, CDs or tapes

drive n.


[C] software that allows an operating system to communicate with a hardware or peripheral device

driver (also device driver) n.


related to something that is done on or involves the Internet

e prefix


to insert an object into a file or an Internet page in such a way that it is no longer linked to the source document

embed v.


[U] the ability of one computer to work in the same way as another computer; e.g. an Apple computer acting like a PC

emulation n.


to turn on an optional software item to make it functional

enable v.


to put data in a secret code so that only someone with the right key can read it

encrypt v.


[U] the act of putting data in a secret code so it is unreadable except by authorized users

encryption n.


a program or service on the Internet that allows users to search for files and information

engine n.


[U] a system to manage all the information and functions of a business or company from shared data stores

enterprise resource planning (ERP) n.


[C] a message that communicates to the user that the computer cannot carry out an instruction, or there is some other problem

error message n.


to make a program or command happen or work

execute v.


relating to a compressed file that can be returned to its original size

expandable a.


[C] a computer system that is programmed to imitate the problem-solving procedures that a human expert makes

expert system n.


[C] a specified area, within a database record, used for a particular category or item, for example, Name, City, Zip Code

field n.