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When was the Reichstag building set on fire?

27 February 1933


How did Hitler use the Reichstag fire to help him gain supporters?

. He was able to remove the communist party.
. He used it to make people scared of a communist
. Hitler was able to convince Hindenburg to sign the
'Decree for the Protection of People and State.'


Who was blamed for the Reichstag fire?

. Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch communist.


What happened in the 1933 election?

. In March 1933, the Nazi Party won 288 seats.
. They didn't win a majority.
. Coalition was formed with the National Party.


What was the Enabling Act?

. An act which gave Hitler and his government full powers.
. It let Hitler secure closer control of the nation.
. It allowed Hitler to create a 'dictatorship'.


When was the Enabling Act signed?

. 23 March 1933


How did Hitler persuade people to pass the Enabling Act?

. SA intimidated members as they went into the chamber.
. Absentees counted as present.
. Communist party didn't count towards total.
. Promises to the Catholic Centre Party won their vote.


What German name refers to Hitler lining his Nazi philosophy with German society?



When were Trade Unions banned and how did this help Hitler?

. May 1933.
. There would be no strikes.
. There was no need for them as it was now a national
. They were seen as a threat - had to be removed.


How did political parties change during 1933?

. Communist party was banned after Reichstag Fire.
. Social Democratic Party had its headquarters seized.
. All other parties disbanded themselves at the end of
. The Nazi Party was the only political party in Germany.


How did Hitler get control of the state Government?

. Broke down the federal structures of Germany.
. There were 18 'Länder' and each had its own parliament.


When was the Night of the Long Knives?

. 30 June 1934


Why did Hitler turn on his own army, the SA?

. He needed to win support of the army.
. Earnst Röhm wanted a social revolution
. The SS wanted to break away from the SA.


Describe the events of The Night of the Long Knives

. Röhm and the main leaders were shot by members of the
. About 400 people were killed.
. Von Schleicher and Gregor Strasser were murdered -
Hitler saw the opportunity to settle old scores.


When did Hitler become Führer of Germany and how did he acquire this position?

. The end of August 1934.
. The army, after the Night of the Long Knives, swore
allegiance to Hitler.
. Hinderburg died, Hitler made himself president and
mixed his role of chancellor to form the Fürher - the sole
ruler of Germany.