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Gross motor - newborn? 6-8 weeks?

limbs flexed, symmetrical posture, marked head lag on pulling up

raises head to 45 in prone


Gross motor - 6-8 months? 8-9 months?

sits without support (6m with round back, 8m with straight back)



Gross motor - 10m? 12m? 15m? 2.5y?

10 - cruises around furniture
12 - walks unsteadily, broad gait, hands apart
15 - walks steadily
2.5y - runs and jumps


vision and fine motor - 6 weeks? 4m?

follows moving object or face by turning head

reaches out for toys


vision and fine motor - 4-6m? 7m?

palmar grasp

transfers toys from one hand to another


vision and fine motor - 10m? 16-18m?

mature pincer grip

makes marks with crayon


vision and fine motor - 14m-4 years? (blocks)

18m tower of three
2y tower of 6
2.5y tower of eight/train with 4 bricks
3y bridge
4y makes steps after demonstration


vision and fine motor - 2-5y (drawing)

2y - line
3y - circle
3.5y - cross
4y - square
5y - triangle
(can copy 6m earlier - this is for ability to do themselves)


Hearing, speech and language - newborn? 3-4m? 7m?

stills to voice, startles to loud noises

vocalises alone or when spoken to, coos and laughs

turns to voice, polysyllabic babble


Hearing, speech and language - 1y? 15-18m? 2y? 2.5-3y?

1-2 words, understands name, dada, mama

6-10 words, points to two-four body parts

uses two or more words to make simple phrases

3-4 word sentences, understands two joined commands


Social, emotional and behavioural - by 6 weeks? 7 months?


mouthing + finger feeds, fears strangers


Social, emotional and behavioural - 1y? 15-18m?

drinks from cup with 2 hands
waves bye bye and play peek a boo

feeds self with spoon, beginning to help with dressing


Social, emotional and behavioural -18-24m? 2? 2.5-3y?

symbolic play

dry by day - pulls off some clothing

parallel play, takes turns
clean and dry

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