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According characteristcs

1. Actinomyces - anaerobe , not acid fast , GRAM +
2. Nocardia - aerobe , acid fast , GRAM +


According to location

1. Actinomyces --> normal oral, reproductive , and GI flora
2. Nocardia - found in soil


according to treatment

MNEMONIC : SNAP --> Sulf - Nocardia / Actinom - Penicillin
Actinomyces--> penicillin
Nocardia --> sulfonamides


according to clinical manifestations

Actinomyces --> oral / facial abscess that drain through sinus tracts, PID, with intrauterine device
Nocardia-> pulmonary infenctions in immunocompromised and cutaneous infenctions after trauma in immunocompoment


according to pigmented

Actinomyces israelli - yellow sulfur granules which are composed of filaments of bacteria


• Which is an anaerobe: Actinomyces israelii or Nocardia asteroides?

Actinomyces israelii


• Which is a weakly acid-fast aerobe found in soil: Actinomyces israelii or Nocardia asteroides?

Nocardia asteroides


• You are told that a patient has Actinomyces israelii infection. How would you describe the lesions caused by the bacteria?

Oral/facial abscesses that may drain through sinus tracts—forms yellow "sulfur granules"


• Actinomyces is found in ____ (normal oral flora/soil) and Nocardia is found in ____ (normal oral flora/soil).

Normal oral flora; soil


• A patient has an Actinomyces infection; another has a Nocardia infection. How do you treat each patient?

Sulfonamides can treat Nocardia, and Actinomyces is treated with Penicillin (treatment is a SNAP)


• A man has an abscess draining via the sinuses containing fluid with yellow "sulfur granules." Is the organism part of the normal oral flora?

Yes, as this is Actinomyces israelii infection

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