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irritable bowel syndrome ?

Recurrent abdominal pain associated with >=2 of the following
1. pain improves with defecation
2. Change in stool frequency
3. change in appearance of stool


Irritable bowel syndrome - gross and histological apperance / epidemiology

no structural abnormalities
MC in middle - aged women


Irritable bowel syndrome - chronic symptoms

diarrhea - predominant, costipation - predominant or mixed


• Irritable bowel syndrome is diagnosed if at least two of what three criteria are met?

Recurrent abdominal pain that improves after defecation, change in stool frequency, and change in the appearance of stool


• A 40-y/o woman has irregular bowel movements and pain that subsides after defecation. She asks if these symptoms are likely to be chronic.

Yes (the patient likely has irritable bowel syndrome, which has chronic symptoms)


• What is the treatment for irritable bowel syndrome?

Since the symptoms fluctuate, it is important to reassess the patient's chief complaint and treat the current symptoms

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