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Pancoast tumor is also called

superior sulcus tumor


Pancoast syndrome

pancoast lung cancer that invade cervical sympathetic chain


pancoast tumor ( superior sulcus tumor ) may cause

COmpression of locoregional structures :
1. Horner syndrome
2. Superio vena cava syndrome
3. hoarseness
4. sensorimotor deficits


pancoast tumor - horner - why

invades cervical sympathetic chain


Horner syndrome clinical findings

1. ipsilateral ptosis
2. miosis
3. anhidrosis


• CT scan of the chest in a patient with dyspnea shows an apical lung mass. What neurologic structures are at risk of being compressed?

The cervical sympathetic plexus (this is a Pancoast tumor)


• When Pancoast tumor disrupts the cervical sympathetic plexus, it can result in what condition? What findings will be seen?

Horner syndrome; one sees ipsilateral ptosis, miosis, and anhidrosis


• A patient has cough, weight loss, and malaise. Exam shows ipsilateral eyelid droop, miosis, and no sweating. What does chest X-ray show?

Given the history, CXR will likely show an apical opacity characteristic of a Pancoast tumor


• A man is diagnosed with a Pancoast tumor. Other than Horner syndrome, what other findings may you find?

Sensorimotor deficits, hoarseness, and/or obstruction of the superior vena cava leading to SVC syndrome