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What is the purpose of a foot pursuit?

The purpose of foot pursuit is to apprehend a subject who refuses to voluntarily comply with an officer’s lawful order to stop fleeing.


When an Officer is in foot pursuit and loses sight of the suspect should he do?

When an officer involved in foot pursuit loses sight of the suspect, the officer should consider transitioning from “pursuit to apprehend” to “pursuit to contain


When a foot pursuit is ensued, What is the responsibility of a Supervisor?

Upon becoming aware of a foot pursuit, the supervisor shall make every reasonable effort to ascertain sufficient information to direct responding resources and take command, control, and coordination of the foot pursuit. . It will be the supervisor’s responsibility to monitor the pursuit and coordinate the response of requested resources (i.e., K-9, Air Support, additional officers, etc.).


True or False a Supervisor must be present when a foot pursuit ensues?

False: The supervisor’s physical presence is not required in order to exercise control over the foot pursuit and the supporting resources. Recognizing that foot pursuits are very dynamic and dangerous for both the public and involved officers, supervisors will make every effort to respond to the location of the foot pursuit to monitor its progress and outcome.


When must a Supervisor respond to a "foot pursuit?"

1. Injury occurs to the officer.
2. Injury occurs to a citizen, other than the subject(s).
3. Injury occurs to the subject(s).
4. Any entry into a residence or similar structure, regardless if it is occupied or not.
5. Any reportable force occurs, regardless of injury.
6. Any other unusual occurrence that warrants supervisory oversight