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[C] a block of information in the form of bytes, stored together on a computer or external storage device, and given a name

file n.


[C] a system or combination of systems that enforces a boundary between the Internet and another network/workstation

firewall n.


a solid-state, non-volatile, rewritable memory that functions like a combination of RAM and ROM

flash n.


- [C] the way in which information is stored or held to be worked on by computers
- to organize the space on a disk or the layout of a file in a particular way

format n., v.


[U] breaking a file into parts to store the data in whatever disk areas are available

fragmentation n.


(of a computer program or system) designed to deal with data which is imprecise or has uncertain boundaries

fuzzy a.


a hardware or software setup that provides access to other systems or networks with differing protocols

gateway n.


[U] applying the resources of many computers in a network to solve or work on the same problem simultaneously

grid computing n.


to use ingenuity and creativity to solve computer programming problems or to overcome the limitations of a system

hack v.


relating to electronic devices that have been designed so that they can be held and used easily with one or two hands

hand-held a.


relating to electronic devices that are mostly without touch

hands-free a.


[C] a headphone combined with a microphone

headset n.


[C] the place in a network or organisation where users ask questions or report problems with hardware or software

help desk n.


relating to the highest level of development of a device, usually implying premium price

high-end a.


relating to the transmission of data at high speeds over ordinary copper telephone wires or fibre wires

high-speed a.


[C] the main page of a Web site to which the others are linked

home page n.


- [C] the main computer in a network that provides facilities to other computers
- to provide facilities to other computers in the same network

host n., v.


[C] a wireless LAN access point or a spot in a website that contains a hyperlink

hotspot n.


a central device that connects several computers together or several networks together

hub n.


beyond the usual size or limits

hyper prefix


[U] a form of Internet fraud that involves someone pretending to be someone else in order to steal money or gain other benefits

identity theft n.


[C] a small picture on the screen which represents a computer application, a file etc.

icon n.


[C, usually sing.] the use of the internet as a means to connect sources of information worldwide

information (super-) highway n.


[C] a computer utility program that uses AI to perform tasks such as retrieving and delivering information

intelligent agent n.


relating to computer programs that accept input from the user while they are running

interactive a.