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define chronic fatigue syndrome

it is more neutral than?

persistent high levels of subjective fatigue -> rapid exhaustion on minimal exertion

more neutral than myalgic encephalomyelitis or post-viral fatigue syndrome


Universal Sx of chronic fatigue syndrome

myalgia, migratory arthralgia, headache, insomnia, poor conc, irritability


Frequent Sx of chronic fatigue syndrome

stomach pain, scalp tenderness, eye pain, photophobia, tender cerv LNopathy


Prognosis of CFS?
MGMT - what is unhelpful? physio?

most remit spontaneously but can take years

continuous rest unhelpful and can lead to secondary complications
graded exercise by physio to slowly increase exercise tolerance


MGMT of CFS - what may be considered? what if depressive Sx? maintain what?


maintain normal life incl school attendance

anti-Ds if depressive


4 different sleep disorders?

difficulty settling to sleep
waking at night
night (sleep) terrors


Difficulty settling to sleep - common when? mostly caused by? first step in solving?

common in toddlers - mostly a normal expression of sep anxiety but be other causes
take Hx + sleep diary


Difficulty settling to sleep - causes

too much daytime sleep
displaced cycle
overstimulation in evening
kept awake by noise etc


Difficulty settling to sleep - simple advice? mgmt?

create bedtime routine, tell child to lie quietly until they fall asleep
tuck up child, leave then come back, but leave again before sleep (lengthen)


Waking at night - normal but some will...? approach to mgmt?

some cry as cant settle again without parents
use graded approach
alternate night duty to share burden between parents


nightmares - when require attention? normal mgmt?

indicate a morbid preoccupation or Sx of psych disorder eg PTSD

reassurance will suffice otherwise


Night terrors - when occur?
how dif from nightmares?

about 1.5h after settling
parents find child:
-sat up
-distressed but unresponsive
child settles after a few mins and has no recollection in morning


night terrors - may be in combo with? MGMT for most? most important part of mgmt? what can be a possible cause?

make env safe for sleepwalking
possibly erratic sleep schedule -> improve routine

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