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What are the scenarios where compensation may or may not be paid?

1. Execution of a SW or power is justified - compensation will seldom be paid.
2. Execution of a SW/power is not justified by the outcome but the grounds for execution were sound - compensation is unlikely to be paid.
3. Unjustified damaged caused in execution - compensation may be available.
4. Mistake made in execution - compensation likely.
5. Entry under s14 - compensation seldom paid.


Where a claim arises,a report should be directed to the District Commander with what info?

- circumstances the SW/power were executed
- grounds for execution
- damage caused and associated circumstances
- outcome of SW/power
- details of owner and occupiers of property
- nature and basis of claim
- any steps taken by Police or owner to prevent further loss or damage


Premises should not be left unoccupied or insecure after forced entry. All effort should be made to ensure security meaning...

- liaising with the owner/occupier to secure property
- at the occupier/owner request, engaging a contractor to secure at occupier cost
- attending staff erect a temporary repair where feasible.