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What policy number is Compliance with Safety Regulations

5001 safety


Station Captains and Supervisors of TFD Facilities shall be responsible for ensuring that the current versions of the following publications are available in each station or facility library

1. WAC 296-305: Washington State Safety Standards for Firefighters.
2. City of Tacoma Accident Prevention and Safety Plan.
3. All TFD Policies and Procedures.


Citations and penalties for safety violations may be assessed to TFD by

the Department of Labor and Industries.


TFD will operate within the regulations established by

WAC 293-305


The City of Tacoma Human Resources Department has overall safety responsibility for?

all City departments.


The City Risk Manager, as Chair of the City’s Fleet Safety Committee, is responsible for?

a. Establishing an Accident Appeals Board for accidents involving City vehicles.
b. Setting certain standards, operating policies and procedures relating to safety in accordance with PMP 716.


Who is responsible for
1. Ensuring TFD complies with safety regulations.
2. Maintaining this document

The Safety Captain

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