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Nebosh Learning Outcome 2016

5.2 Explain the purpose of, and procedures for, regular reviews of health and safety performance.

5.2 Review of health and safetyperformance
- Purpose of reviewing health and safety performance
- Who should take part in review
- Review at planned intervals
- Assessing opportunities for improvement and the need for change
Review to consider:
- evaluations of compliance with applicable legal and organisational requirements
- accident and incident data, corrective and preventive actions
- inspections, surveys, tours and sampling
- absences and sickness
- quality assurance reports
- audits
- monitoring data/records/reports
- external communications and complaints
- results of participation and consultation
- objectives met
- actions from previous management reviews
- legal / good practice developments

- Maintenance of records of management review
- Reporting on health and safety performance
- Feeding into action and development plans as part of continuous improvement
- Role of Boards, Chief Executive/Managing Director and Senior Managers.


Organisations may (BENCHMARK) their health and safety performance against other organisations by comparing what:

- Accident rates with those organisations in the same industry which use similar business processes and experience similar risks.
- Management practices and techniques with other organisations in any industry to provide a different perspective and new insights on health and safety management systems.


Name - Some of the Key performance indicators for reviewing an organisations overall health and safety performance:

- Assessment of the degree of compliance with health and safety system requirements
- Identification of areas where the health and safety system is absent or inadequate (those areas where further action is necessary to develop the total health and safety management system)
- Assessment of the achievement of specific objectives and plans
- Accident, ill health and incident data accompanied by analysis of both the immediate and underlying causes, trends and common features.


Reviewing is the process of:

- Making judgements about the adequacy of performance
- Taking decisions about the nature and timing of the actions necessary to remedy deficiencies


Where do the two main sources of reviewing information used to assist in the reviewing process come from?

- Monitoring
- Auditing activities


What is the purpose of reviewing health and safety performance?
Where does the information come from?

- When performance is reviewed, judgements are made about it's adequacy and decisions are taken about how and when to rectify performance.
- The ACT part of the health and safety management system is needed by organisations to gauge whether the management system is working as intend.
- The information for review of performance comes from audits of Risk Control Systems (RCSs) and workplace precautions and from the measurement of activities
- As well as both external and internal influences e.g. New legislation, Reorganisation, or changes in current good practices etc.


Items to be considered in reviews

Reviews will be wide ranging and may cover one specific area or a range of subjects.

What items should a review aim to include?

- evaluations of compliance with applicable legal and organisational requirements
- incident data, recommendations and actions plans from investigations
- inspections, surveys, tours and sampling
- absences and sickness and their analysis
- any reports on quality assurance and environmental protection reports
- audits results and implementation
- monitoring of data, records and reports
- communications from enforcing authorities and insurers
- any developments in legal requirements or best practice within the industry
- changed circumstances or processes
- benchmarking with other similar organisations
- complaints from neighbours, customers and the public
- whether health and safety objectives have been meet
- whether actions from previous reviews have been completed