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_____ _____ is defined as protecting oneself from exposure to blood or body fluids through the use of latex gloves, masks, or eye goggles; cleaning blood and body fluid spills with soap and bleach solution and water; and disinfecting and incinerating or
decontaminating infected waste before disposing in a sanitary landfill.

“Universal Precautions”


A_____ _____may be defined as an infectious disease capable of being passed to another by contact with an infected person, their body fluids, or infected

communicable disease


Primary communicable diseases of concern to law enforcement employees:

(1) Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV);
(2) Hepatitis;
(3) Tuberculosis;
(4) Meningitis (Meningococcal); and
(5) Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).


The vaccine will be offered within ___ working days of an employee’s initial assignment as a first aid responder (police, corrections, or other "at risk positions") unless the employee has previously had the vaccine or who wishes to submit to antibody testing which shows the
employee to have sufficient immunity.

10 working days


The vaccine will be offered as soon as possible, but in no event later than __ hours, to all unvaccinated employees who have rendered assistance in a first aid incident involving the presence of blood or other potentially infectious material regardless of whether the
employee has incurred an exposure incident.

24 hours


In case of a needlestick, the glove should be removed
immediately and the wound scrubbed with hot soapy water. A rinse of household bleach solution _____ of bleach to ___ gallon of water is an adequate deactivating agent for most infectious pathogens.

(1 ½ cups of bleach to 1 gallon of water) made daily or as needed to be effective


Anytime an officer transports another person for any reason, precautions should be taken which will minimize the risk of being contaminated by airborne pathogens (tuberculosis, meningitis, etc.). Examples of these precautions are:

a. Opening at least one of the vehicle's window; and
b. Positioning the vehicle's air conditioner to the NORMAL or A/C setting (MAX. A/C
settings recycle air), this will allow fresh air to circulate through vehicle.
c. Warrants shall be obtained for those individuals required to have testing per Florida
State Statute (F.S.S.) 381.004(3)(i)7.


All contaminated materials (i.e., clothing, linens, etc.) must be removed and placed in a leakproof
plastic bag labeled _____ ____ or _____ These bags should be transported to the Property and Evidence Facility for deposit in the appropriate "Biohazard
Container" located in the Property & Evidence Facility

"Contaminated Material" or "Biohazard."


Packages containing contaminated items or items suspected of being contaminated shall be
clearly labeled with the warning, "____ ____ or _____This warning shall be clearly written on the outside of the package or the "BIOHAZARD" self adhesive sticker applied



In the event of a death investigation where an employee(s) was possibly exposed to a communicable disease by blood or bodily fluid, the following procedures will be followed: The responding ___ ___ will notify the Medical Examiner’s Office of the possible exposure and request the appropriate blood sample be taken for testing at the Duval County Health Department (DCHD);

Homicide Investigator


In the event of a death investigation where an employee(s) was possibly exposed to a communicable disease by blood or bodily fluid, the following procedures will be followed: The employee must fill out a ___of ____ ___ & ___ ____ ___ ___ P-0038 (See order 521). A copy of the _____ of ___ ____ & ___ ___ ____ form will be given to the Homicide Detective at the incident scene

Notice of Injury Report and Exposure Incident Report Form,
Notice of Injury Report and Exposure Incident Report


___ ____ ___ ___– A designated employee who reports to the Chief of Human Resources to oversee safety programs targeted by the OSHA and implemented within the Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office Safety Officer


Ensure that individually assigned respiratory protection devices are:

(1) Stored in the issued case, cleaned, and maintained in good operating condition in accordance with training;
(2) Inspected, at least, quarterly; and
(3) Documented during these inspections on an Intradepartmental Correspondence (P-0004), and forwarded to the Sheriff's Office Safety Officer.


Respiratory protective devices are classified into two main types, ____-_____ and ____- _____

Air-Purifying and


____ ____ respirators are designed to remove contaminate in the form of particles, gases, and vapors, or combination of these

Air purifying


_____ _____ _____ (SCBA) are devices which provide an air source independent of the surrounding atmosphere.

Atmosphere Supplying Respirator


Air-Purifying devices are basically classified into three types of respiratory protective devices:

Mechanical Filter (particulate)
Vapor or gas removing
Powered air-purifying


____ ____ ____ are equipped with a filter(s) usually constructed of a fibrous material, which is used to trap the particulate. This type of respirator is most often called a dust mask and may be a single use disposable or cartridge type that which have a replaceable filter. They are used for protection against nuisance dust, mists, toxic dusts, fumes, or any contamination.

Mechanical-Filter (Particulate) Respirators


____ & ___ ___ ___are equipped with ____ & ___ ______elements which contain a chemical which traps or reacts with a specific vapor and gases and removes them from the air.

Vapor and gas removing respirators


___ ____ ______are equipped with a blower that passes contaminated air through a filter medium. The filter medium and blower are usually belt mounted but
may be located in the headpiece

Powered air-purifying respirators


There are three types of atmosphere supplying respirators:

Supplied air respirator
Combination self contained and supplied air


A ____ provides a transportable quantity of breathable air in an air cylinder



A____ ____ ___ provides air through an air line or air hose and is delivered to a half-mask, full face piece, hood, helmet, or as a complete suit in certain applications

supplied air respirator


A _____ ____ ____ & _____ ____ are essentially the same as the airline respirator with an added compressed air cylinder which may be carried at one's side on a belt. Combination units are generally used for emergency entry into and escape from an atmosphere that is IDLH. The self-contained part of the device is used in the event the airline fails and the wearer must escape

Combination self-contained and supplied air


When an officer cannot receive a proper fit that prevents the officer from wearing a respirator, the officer will notify his ____ _____.

watch commander


A respirator which is not routinely used but kept ready for emergency use shall be inspected after each use and, at least, _____to ensure that it is in satisfactory working condition