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what is a course

it shows the path of the river in different stages


describe the three stages of a river course

"upper- narrow and forms v shaped valleys
middle- gently begins to slope
lower- wide "


what does a long profile show you

how the river changes over a gradient


what does the cross profile show you

the cross section of the river


what are the four type of erosion

attrition, abrasion, hydraulic power and solution


what are the four types of transportation

what are the four types of transportation


when does deposition take place in a river

in the lower and middle courses


where are waterfalls and gorges found in a river

in the upper course


explain the process of how waterfalls and gorges form

river flows over an area of hard rock and soft rock. soft rock gets eroded
faster than the hard rock. this collapses forming a water fall. the hard rock
then eventually get eroded which collapses onto the soft rock which get
destroyed forming a plunge pool.


what are meander formed by and where are they found in the river

middle and lower course of the river. erosion and deposition


what happens on the outside of a bend in a meander

river hits it with more energy and intensity because its deeper there. so it erodes


what happens on the inside bend of a meander

river hits it with less energy and less intensity because its shallower there so it deposits


describe the cross section of a meander

shallow at the inside bend and deep at the outside bend


what is a flood plain

a large land surface at risk of flooding


what happens to material during a flood

it gets deposited across the flood plain


how are levees formed

heavy material from the river constantly gets deposited in the immediate land by it,
causing material to build up there causing a levee


what is river discharge

the amount of water flowing through a river per second


how do you find lag time on a hydrograph

find the time between peak rainfall and peak discharge


three physical factors that effect flood risk

geology, rainfall and prolonged rainfall


A human factor that affects flood risk

building made on the flood plain without flood resistant materials


two hard engineering strategies that prevent floods, with pros and cons

dam- controls the flow of water and the speed and where it goes but it is expensive
and ugly and likely to move residents away
channel straightening- river moves through the area quicker but a flood could happen
further down the line"


two soft engineering strategies that prevent flood risk with pros and cons

flood warnings. tree plantation


how was the river severn eroded

hydraulic power abrasion and attrition


where in the river severn did the first landform take place

gorge in the upper course


where in the river severn did the second landform take place

meander in the lower course


why was flood management needed in bostcastle

there was a massive flood in 2004


what did they implement in bostcastle

they widened the channel. deepened the channel and moved the car park higher up


social, economic and environmental impact of flood defences in Bostcastle

habitats were destroyed in the deepening/widening of the channel. cost a lot.