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Who is responsible for:
1. Overseeing the overall Commercial Building Inspection Program
2. Managing the code development and adoption process
3. Ensuring BITS is operational
4. Maintaining this document

Deputy Chief of Prevention and Preparedness


Hazardous Occupancy

Buildings or structures or portions thereof manufacture, process, generate and/or store materials that constitute a high fire, explosion and/or health hazard.



International Code Council.


Multi-family residential structures

• 5 or more units or
• more than 5,000 square feet of floor space or
• more than 3 stories and
• common interior hallways or
• common laundry facilities


The goals of the TFD Commercial Building Inspection Program are

a. Eliminating loss of life due to fire
b. Reduction of fire-related injury and property loss
c. Compliance with Washington Survey and Rating Bureau standards for fire inspection frequency


Retroactive installation of the following may be required in multi-family
dwellings based on inspection findings

a. Fire alarm system
b. Standpipe system
c. Hardwired smoke detectors


TFD will have in place programs to

a. Ensure inspectors become ICC Fire Code Inspector certified or the
b. Train Company Officers to conduct basic Fire Code inspections


TFD personnel shall inspect all assigned hazardous occupancies semi-annually

a. One inspection shall be done by Operations personnel
b. One inspection shall be done by the assigned Fire Inspector


Company Officers shall conduct at least

two re-inspections, attempting to
see that violations are corrected.


Company Officers shall not routinely re-inspect Tacoma Schools. After the Company Officer conducts the initial inspections, s/he shall

forward fire inspection reports to Prevention and Preparedness personnel for coordination with and compliance by the school
district’s maintenance department


Company Captains shall:
a. Use BITS to assign specific inspections by month to all four shifts by

the 15th of January each year


In the absence of a Company Captain, the Senior Lieutenant shall

assume responsibility for overseeing company inspections.


What policy number is Commercial Building Inspections

Prevention and Preparedness


If no inspection assignments have been given to a Roving Officer or firefighter working up as a Company Officer, then s/he shall

conduct at least one fire inspection per Monday-Friday (non-holiday) shift when s/he is working unless specifically directed otherwise by the permanently assigned Officer or Company Captain.


TFD personnel shall report the following inspection findings as violations

Multi-family residential buildings, three or more stories in height or with 16 or more units, without a fire alarm system


TFD personnel shall use the following to make referrals to Prevention and
Preparedness Bureau personnel

a. The electronic referral tool in BITS
b. Interoffice mail to send the BITS generated Referral Report and the
written Fire Inspection Report form


Offsite monitoring for sprinkler system water flow and valve tampering is
required for most fire sprinkler systems with

more than 20 sprinklers.


Multi-family residential buildings, three or more stories in height or with
16 or more units, require a

fire alarm system.


Standpipe systems are required in multi-family residential buildings that

4 or more stories in height, not including basements.


Multi-family Residential
Hard-wired smoke detectors with battery back-up are required within

individual dwelling units.


Company Captains shall

a. Compose a Company quarterly inspection status report for all shifts that includes an explanation for all outstanding assigned inspections
b. Develop a written action plan for completion of outstanding inspections
c. Submit status report and action plan to his/her Battalion Chief within 7 days of the end of the quarter


Battalion Chiefs shall

a. Compose a quarterly summary report of battalion inspection status that includes an explanation for all outstanding inspection assignments

b. Submit the quarterly summary report to the Assistant Chief of Prevention and Preparedness within 14 days of the end of the quarter


Inspectors shall complete ICC Level I Fire Code Certification within

the first 6 months of assignment to the Prevention and Preparedness Bureau
and Level II within the first 12 months.

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