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Liver tumor that biopsy is contraindicated ( and why )

cavernous hemangioma ---> risk of hemorrhage metstasis


cavernous hemangioma - frequency / behavior / epidimiology

common , benign liver tumor typically occurs at 30-50 ( NO BIOPSY --> hemorrhage)


liver angiosarcoma - definition / risk factors

mallignant tumor of endothelial origin asociated with arsenic, vinyl chloride


hepatic adenoma - definition/ risk factors

rare, benign liver tumor, often related to oral contraceptive or anabolic steroid use


Hepatic adenoma - course

may regress spontaneously or rupture ( abdominal pain and shock)


• Under what circumstances would a liver biopsy for a patient with a liver tumor be contraindicated?

If the tumor is thought to be a cavernous hemangioma due to potential aspiration causing a life-threatening hemorrhage


• A patient on oral contraceptives is discovered to have a benign liver tumor. What is she most likely to have?

Hepatic adenoma


• A patient often works with arsenic and polyvinyl chloride. He is found to have a malignant liver tumor. What liver tumor do you suspect?



• A patient on anabolic steroids has a benign liver tumor. What are two outcomes for this tumor?

The tumor (a hepatic adenoma) either can regress spontaneously or can rupture, causing abdominal pain or shock


• A woman has a liver mass seen on ultrasound, and you are concerned that this could be a metastasis from a malignancy of which organs?

GI, lung, and breast tumors (metastases are the most common liver tumors)

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