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(of a computers) able to "learn" from experience, used in applica¬tions such as speech recognition and medical diagnosis

neural a.


[C] a discussion group on the Internet which is focused on a particular topic

newsgroup n.


[C] a pseudonym users give themselves, either to protect their identity or to create an online presence

nickname n.


[C] an interconnection point on a computer network where numerous lines come together at the same switch

node n.


related to an approach to programming in which each data item with the operations used on it is designated as an object

object-oriented a.


not connected to the computer and not turned on; or not connected to a computer network or the Internet

offline a.


[C] a model for describing the world that consists of a objects or con¬cepts, their properties and their relationships

ontology n.


[C] the main control program of a computer that schedules tasks, manages storage, and handles peripherals

operating system n.


[C] a piece of a message that is formatted for transmission on a network and includes its source and destination in the header

packet n.


[C] a secret sequence of letters and other symbols for authentication to log into a computer system

password n.


- to insert code into a computer program to fix or modify it in some way
- [C] the code inserted into a computer program to fix or modify it in some way

patch v., n.


[C] the exact directions to a file on a computer, usually described by means of the hierarchical filing system

path n.


[C] an kind of handheld and palm-sized PC, electronic organizer, smartphone, or pager

personal digital assistant (PDA) n.


[C] a computer in a communications network where any computer on the network can be a client and/or server

peer n.


[C] any piece of hardware connected to a computer, or any part of the computer outside the CPU and working memory

peripheral n.


[U] the practice of tricking a user into giving away personal information into a fake form on the Internet

phishing n.


[U] the unauthorized copying of copyrighted software or media for personal or commercial use.

piracy n.


the hardware and/or operating system on which a program runs

platform n.


- [C] a radio-style show that is downloaded in MP-3 or video format
- to upload a radio-style show in MP-3 or video format

podcast n., v.


[C] a symbol displayed on the computer screen that is moved by means of a mouse, stylus, trackball, etc.

pointer n.


- [C] a place on a computer to connect sth or an endpoint to a logical connection
- to move software from one computer system to another

port n., v.


[C] a site that is intended to be the point of entry to the Web

portal n.


- a message sent to an Internet discussion group for all the group members to read
- to put a message or computer file on the Internet so that other people can see it

post n., v.


[C] a peripheral that prints text or illustra-tions on paper; essential to have if you want a hard copy of your work

printer n.


[C] a printed version of text or data from a computer

printout (also: hard copy) n.