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definition/ apperance

chronic inflammation, atrophy, calcification of the pancreas


causes of chronic pancreatitis

-major causes are alcohol abuse and idiopathic
-mutation in CFTR ( cystic fibrosis


chronic pancratitis can lead to / complication

1. pancreatic insufficiency --> steatorrhea, fat soluble bvitamin deficiency and B12, DM ( late complication)
2. pancreatic carcinoma


serum enzymes

amilase and lipase may or may not be elevated


• Chronic calcifying pancreatitis is strongly associated with what etiology? What is another common cause?

Idiopathic; alcoholism


• In an alcoholic woman with chronic pancreatitis, what symptoms would raise your suspicion for pancreatic insufficiency?

Steatorrhea, fat-soluble vitamin deficiency, diabetes mellitus


• An increased risk of pancreatic cancer is associated with which kind of pancreatitis (acute or chronic)?



• In a patient just admitted to your service, how can amylase and lipase levels differentiate chronic pancreatitis from acute pancreatitis?

Amylase and lipase levels might be normal in chronic pancreatitis but are almost always elevated in acute pancreatitis


• A patient with a symptomatic CFTR mutation complains of greasy, foul-smelling stools. Is screening for diabetes merited?

Yes (patient has cystic fibrosis and may be developing steatorrhea from pancreatic insufficiency), screening for diabetes is reasonable

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