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[C] the central part of a computer system that controls the interpretation and execution of instructions

processor (also Central Processing Unit or CPU) n


able to accept instructions for automatic operation or computer processing

programmable a.


relating to a product which is privately owned and controlled; in the computer in-dustry, proprietary is the opposite of open

proprietary (also closed) a.


[U] applying the principles of quantum mechanics to computer technology to make computers of the future much faster

quantum computing n.


- [C] a request for information from a database
- to request information from a database

query n., v.


[U] the use of an object (RFID tag) applied to or incorporated into a product or person for identification using radio waves

radio frequency identification (RFID) n.


relating to changing data that is processed fast enough to control its source; or refer-ring to events simulated in real-life speed.

real-time a.


- to restart a computer
- [C] the act of restarting a computer

reboot v., n.


[U] the process by which an electronic device recognizes acoustic or printed or written letters or numbers.

recognition n.


[C] in a database, a group of fields that make up one complete entry

record n.


[U] the restoration of corrupted data resulting from damaged disks, viruses, power spikes, and other problems

recovery n.


to update the screen with new data that has arrived since you first began looking at it

refresh (also reload) v.


to find and bring back stored data, so that it can be displayed on the screen and processed

retrieve v.


able to be rewritten many times; for example, storage media such as optical disks and magnetic tapes

rewritable a.


(~ to) to convert and copy sounds or pictures from a DVD or CD onto a computer

rip v.


[C] a device that sends data packets through networks; located at gateways, where two or more networks connect

router n.


- to operate or execute a program
- (of a program) to be executed

run v.


(~ into) to pass light over a picture or document in order to copy and store it in the memory of a computer

scan v.


[C] a flat surface in a cinema, on a television or a computer system on which pictures or words are shown

screen n.


[C] a series of commands that can be executed without user interaction

script n.


relating to sth done so smoothly that you cannot tell where one thing stops and the next begins

seamless a.


(of computer files and database) containing information organized in such way that it can be found using a computer

searchable a.


[C] a material like silicon, which partially allows electricity to move through it, or an electronic device made from this material

semiconductor n.


designed to transfer data sequentially, i.e. one data bit after another

serial a.


[C] a software program that controls or supplies information to several clients connected in a network

server n.