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Why are specialised transport needed in animals

Metabolic demands are High so diffusion over long distances isn’t enough
Surface area to volume ratio get smaller as the multicellular organisms get bigger so the amount of surface area to absorb substances becomes smaller
Waste products need to be removed from one cell and transported to excretory organs


What Do most circulatory systems have

Liquid transport medium that circulates teh system
Pumping mechanisms to move fluid


What is a mass transport system

When substances are transported in a mass of fluid with a mechanism for moving the fluid around the body


what is an open circulatory system

Few vessels to contain transport medium
Pumped straight from the heart into the body cavity


What is the open body cavity called and what is it

Transport medium is under low pressure
Comes into direct contact wit. Tissues and cells


What is insect blood called

Doesn’t carry oxygen or co2
Can’t maintain steep diffusion gradients


What is a closed circulatory system

Blood is enclosed in blood vessels
Doesn’t come directly into contact with cells of the body
Heart pumps the blood around


What is a single closed circulatory system

Blood flows though the heart and is pumped out to travel all around the body before returning to the heart
Only travels once though th heart

Pass through 2 sets of capillaries


Why is teh activity of single closed circulatory animals quite slow

By passing though 2 sets of narrow vessels the blood pressure drops so the blood returns to the heart slowly limiting the effiency of the exchange process


What is a double closed circulatory system

Involves 2 separate circukations
Blood is pumped from the heart to the lungs
Blood flows trough the heat and is pumped to travel around the rest of the body
Travels twice through the heart
Only passes though 1 capillary network