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You observe a motor vehicle parked in a public parking lot/ structure with expired registration. You ______ take appropriate enforcement action.



Enforcement of California registration renewal _______ commence the day following expiration.

(Vehicles shall not be stopped solely for failure to display current registration until the beginning of the second month)


Vehicles shall not be stopped solely for failure to display current registration until the beginning of the second month. When a vehicle is stopped for any other violation, and the registration is expired, appropriate registration enforcement _______ be taken.



If an officer stops a vehicle for a registration violation and there is acceptable evidence of payment of fees by the driver, an officer should _________.

Issue a citation for 5204(a) VC Failure to Display Current Tabs, rather than 4000(a)(1) VC.


______ days after gainful employment or residency is established in this state. California Vehicle Code Section 6702 requires every nonresident to immediately register that vehicle upon entry into this state.



When a disabled vehicle is being towed upon a highway and is has expired registration, _____ enforcement action shall be taken.



How long must registration be expired before impoundment
may take place?

Six months


Prior to impounding a vehicle, an inquiry ______ be made through CLETS to confirm the expiration date.



When may a vehicle be released to the owner after an
impound having registration expired for over six months?

Proof of registration compliance is shown or at the Officer’s discretion.


e) Passenger vehicles offered for rent from an address in this state must be registered in this state (Section ____ __ ) unless the vehicle is rented to be taken out of the state and not returned to this state under the same rental agreement.

6702 VC

82.5 Chapter 1


A license plate which is not attached to the vehicle required under the Vehicle Code, ___ be seized (pursuant to Section 4460 VC), and attachment to the proper vehicle may be made or required.

License plates shall be seized only when unlawful attachment was made for the purpose of evading the registration fees, or concealing the registration status of the vehicle, or when stolen, canceled, or revoked.
82.5 Chapter 1


1) Any of the following documents should be considered acceptable evidence of application for registration:

a) Registration Card

b) Temporary Receipt or Suspense Receipt

c) Money Order or Check

d) Permit or temporary permit

e) Telegram or report of sale

f) Intercom or transceiver
82.5 Chapter 2


8804 VC - register in foreign jurisdiction when a resident of California. This is a Infraction/Misdemeanor/Felony?


82.5 Chapter 3


Dealers may operate unregistered vehicles owned or possessed by them provided special plates are ________.


82.5 Chapter 8


An implement of husbandry is a vehicle used only for agricultural operations


82.5 Chapter 9


Vehicles used by farmers in the conduct of agricultural operations are not always ______ from registration. Implement of Husbandry and other vehicles operated by farmers are only exempt from registration when granted a specific exemption by some provision of the VC. The exemptions granted are restrictive and the exemption is ____ if the specified conditions (design, operation, use, ownership) in the applicable VC section or subdivision are not complied with.

exempt / lost

82.5 Chapter 9