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general division

1. arteries supplying GI structures branch arteriorly
2. Arteries supplying non-GI structures branch laterally and posteriorly


Abdominal aorta is divided to ( and where)

right and left common iliac ( at L4)
(ALSO at median sacral artery )


anterior branches ( and area)

1. celiac trunk ( T12 to L1)
2. Superior mesenteric ( L1)
3. Inferior mesenteric ( L3)


lateral branches ( and area) (upper to lower)

1. Left inferior phrenic
2. middle suprarenal artery ( each side) (t12)
3. renal artery ( each side) ( above L1)
4. first lumbar artert ( each side) (L1)
5. gonadal ( testicular / ovarian ) arteries ( each side) ( between L1 and L2 , under renal artery )
6. second lumbar artery ( L2)
7. third lumbar artery L3
8. fourth lumbar artery L4


superior mesenteric artery syndrome - symptoms

intermittent intestinal obstruction symptoms ( primarily postprandial pain )


superior mesenteric artery - mechanism ( and occurs when ...)

transverse (3rs) portion of duodenum is compressed between SMA and aorta --> typically occurs in conditions associated with diminished mesenteric fat ( eg. low eright / malnurtrion ) --> interminttent intestinal obstruction symptoms ( primarily postprandial pain)


common internal artery is divided to ( and where)

1. internal and external iliac artery ( slightly below L5)


renal artery - branch before kidney

inferior suprarenal artery


• Which branch of the aorta comes off at the level of L1?

The superior mesenteric artery


• A patient with abdominal aortic dissection has a new abdominal bruit. What level of the aorta has the dissection possibly reached?

L1 level (an abdominal bruit is concerning for renal artery involvement)


• At what level does the abdominal aorta bifurcate?

L4 (bifourcation of abdominal aorta)


• Which three arteries does the aorta become after the bifurcation?

Left and right common iliac arteries, median sacral artery


• Arteries supplying GI structures branch ____(anteriorly/laterally) from aorta, whereas other arteries branch ____ (anteriorly/laterally).

Anteriorly, laterally


• A woman presents with a transverse portion of her duodenum entrapped between the SMA and aorta. What type of intestinal obstruction is this?

Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome


• A vascular surgeon accidentally cuts into a branch of the aorta originating at the T12 level. Name an artery that may be compromised.

The left inferior phrenic artery (the surgeon has cut into the celiac trunk)


• The common iliac arteries further bifurcate into which two major arteries?

The internal and external iliac arteries


• A patient undergoes surgery for an L3 abdominal aortic aneurysm. Blood supply to which organ system is most at risk?

The intestines (the inferior mesenteric artery, originating at the L3 level, may be compromised by the surgery)

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