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what is a citadel?

a stronghold at the center of a city


what are some of the things that the people of the indus valley built?

citadels, drains, toilets, public baths


what did the indus valley people build their houses out of?

mud bricks


what is the name of one of the indus valley cities?



what happened to the citadel city of mohenjo-daro?

no one knows for sure, but it seems to have been deserted


tell me the ancient indian story of the quail

the quail were able to get away from the hunter when they worked together as a group, but when they began to quarrel the hunter was able to catch them one at a time.


tell me about the ancient cities of the indus valley civilization

ancient people in india built cities along the indus river. their mud-brick homes had toilet, wells and drains, and they also had public bathhouses and strong citadels. all the cities disappeared, but we don't know why.