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What is the only floating bone in body besides patella (knee cap)?

Hyoid Bone


What is the leaf-like cartilage that acts as a protective structure when it inverts to cover the laryngeal opening during swallowing?



What is the largest of the laryngeal cartilages?

Thyroid Cartilage


What ride on the high-backed upper surface of the cricoid cartilage, forming the posterior point of attachment for the vocal folds?

Arytenoid cartilages


What sit at the apex of the arytenoid cartilages, horn-like shaped?

Corniculate cartilages


What are paired wedge-shaped rods embedded within the aryepiglottic folds

Cuneiform Cartilages


What is the complete ring sitting on top of the trachea, on lateral view it gives the appearance of a signet ring (back arches up relative to the front)?

Cricoid cartilage


Name the 3 parts of the hyoid bone.

1. Greater horns
2. Lesser horns
3. Corpus (body)


What do the 2 vocal processes on the arytenoids connect to?

Thyromuscularis and Thyrovocalis muscles


Name the 5 layers of the vocal folds

1. Epithelium-Thin sheet of squamous
(Lamina Propria-which is comprised of three different tissues)
2. Superfical Layer
3. Intermediate Layer
4. Deep Layer
5. Thyroarytenoid muscle


What are the ventricular folds?

a.k.a. false (vocal) folds, vestibular folds
-thick folds of mucous membrane
-above true vocal folds
-not used in normal phonation


What 4 functions of the larynx are there?

1. RESPIRATION = breathing for life (open glottis)
2. PROTECTION with cough reflex: Close, then open glottis with help of respiratory system
3. PROTECTION during swallowing: Close glottis with help of respiratory system
4. PHONATION with voice: Close/open
glottis and adjust vocal fold tension


What 3 planes does the rib cage move on inspiration?

1. Vertical dimension is increased by the contraction of the dome-shaped diaphragm.
2. Transverse (side to side) dimension is increased by raising of the curved ribs.
3. Anterior-posterior dimension is increased by simultaneous forward and upward movement of the sternum.