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What was MSFT the first of

the first software company


What was so smart abotu Gates dealings with Intel

the licensed the OS instead of just selling it


Describe the network effects conquered by MSFT

ISVs adds value to Windows (Platform>product) using APIs, this was a 2 sided market.


What was AAPL's strength

horizontal and vertical integration


What were some of the money makers for MSFT

MS DOS and WIndows double charge, Office, Upgrades, Product diversification (MSNBC, XBOX) NT Server/WIndows Server


What were some of the Threats to MSFT (x8)

1-Opensource 2-Lawsuits 3-Security issues 4-International Deals threated by Linux 5- Tech Suppport costs 6- Piracy 7- Leadership loss 8- Substitution (led by JAVA)


MSFT proves 2 main points

A bad platform is better than a good product, The Trap of Success states a winner take all environment in industries with strong network effects


Where did Jobs work before starting AAPL



What were Jobs main tools to bring back aapl when he returned?

developed culture, brand, and the idea of the digital hub, switched to intel chips to allow useres to run windows on their mac if they wanted


What were the 2 dates when MSFT & AAPL launched a GUI

Mac in 1982 and WIndows 95 in 1995


What was MSFT's saving gift to AAPL

they made office for MAC and gave aapl a loan to keep the doors open


One technique for problem solving

partner with people that hava already solved your problems so that you can focus on your core competency


Why did aapl not allow flash ontheir ipads

they said they were choosing which horses to ride on th adoption curve, wanted in on the acendency/ spring phase of the futre


Why did aapl ignore the business market

they wanted to focus on consumers because consumers cast independent votes and pick the best products


Re read the darn cases

really, do it


When did msft peak?



What did GAtes say they look for ina n industry at MSFT

opportunities with netwrok externalities


What are 8 great ways MSFT created competitive advantage 3 for what you sell and 5 for how you sell it

1)dev a new product
2)enhance the product
3)Differentiate the product
4)lockin customers
5)lock in suppliers
6)raise barriers to entry
7)establish alliances
8) reduce costs


What is the trap of success

when you ease up when you're on top and others come up and take you down


For MSFT bundling=Brilliance

you know