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**Walk me through your resume (60-80 seconds)

1) Name Michael Picasso. Unfortunately no relation to artist
2) Grew up in Chevy Chase, MD and attended Landon High School where I was actively involved in art and athletic department.
3) Chose to attend UPenn. I wanted a well-rounded education in order to explore my myriad of interests. Quickly realized passion was business and transferred into Wharton. Immediately fell in love
4) Actively involved outside of classroom. Elected treasurer and social chair of Beta. President of Lantern
5) FOP. Most significant accomplishment was launching fundraising platform for FOP. Spearheaded multiple charity concerts, contracting musicians and recruiting/training students to help coordinate events. Ultimately sold thousands of tickets and raised tens of thousands of dollars in ticket sales. Learned to leverage my natural enthusiasm and leadership skills to make a real impact
6) Chose to work at Blackstone. I wanted an experience right out of college that would allow me to learn a lot in a short period of time. In particular, I wanted to gain exposure to a broad range of business models in order to get a better understanding of how businesses operate. Did just that – worked on everything from the sale of a chemicals business to an activist hedge fund mandate, to a capital raise for a company focused on insurance in Africa
7) After two years, chose to work at WP. Great experience at Blackstone but wanted to explore a different avenue within finance and get a closer look at the entrepreneurial side of business through venture capital investing. Some of my favorite investments have been in the education space. My team and I recently decided to invest in a company called Civitas, which provides predictive analytics to universities aimed at improving graduation rates and student success.
8) At important juncture and want to pursue MBA.

SANDY TIP: longer version of tell me about yourself


How and why did you dad influence your life?

My dad has been a great role model throughout my life. From a very early age, he instilled in me a few key principles.

1) Work Ethic. He is a first-generation immigrant who came from very little. He spent much of my life working hard to provide for him family and worked his way up the corporate ladder. I attribute my unwavering worth ethic to him. (e.g. I have always sought to immerse myself in the most competitive academic and professional environments --> BX/WP)
2) Passion. Whenever I turn to him for advice, he will never push me to make a particular decision. However, he has consistently given me the one valuable piece of advice: do what you are passionate about and success/happiness will follow. After spending much of his life gaining valuable experience, he followed through on a dream he had since business school: starting a company to help his native country of Peru (e.g. pursue my passion for business by transferring into Wharton)


My partner (observer) hasn’t seen your applications, tell him/her about yourself (45 seconds)

1) Grew up in Chevy Chase
2) Attended UPenn
3) FOP
4) Blackstone
5) WP
6) Passion = venture capital

SANDY TIP: shorter version of walk me through your resume


What is one thing I’d never have guessed about you, even after reading your application?

(1) When I was six years old I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Throughout my childhood, I struggled to read, write and perform other fundamental tasks that my peers seemed to grasp. --> desire to help others push their boundaries, whether through hands-on community involvement (KIPP) or through technology investing (Civitas)

(2) Lived in 5 states before I was 6 years old and moved 7 times before I was 12 years old. (GA, OH, CT, NJ, MD). Bouncing around certainly made me good at quickly making new friends


What do you want to be remembered as?

A multi-faceted leader who helps others push their boundaries and realize their potential, both through hands-on community involvement and through business and technology.
(2) Civitas Learning


What question would you have liked us to ask you?

(1) How are you different from the hundreds of other PE candidates? --> unmatched passion and excitement
(2) You clearly have a strong resume, having attended a great school and landed great jobs post-college. At first glance, it doesn’t appear that you have faced any meaningful failure or setback. Tell me about a setback you have faced and how you overcame it? --> dyslexia


What is a common misconception that people have of you?

Misconception = singular focus on finance.

Given my Wharton education and professional experience, one might think that I am singularly focused on finance. Don’t get me wrong, I am passionate about what I do. However, upon closer review, it is clear that I have a broad range of experiences and interests that give me a unique perspective.

Community: KIPP = love helping others push their boundaries and realize their potential
Leadership: FOP = fun introduction to running small venture
Academic: Art = have learned the value of multiple points of views
Professional: Education Technology = strong interest that I would like to pursue further


What is the one last thing you would want to leave me with?

Unmatched passion and enthusiasm
I WANT to be here more than anything


Who are you and why you should be in next HBS class?

I am a natural leader who is extremely outgoing, contagiously enthusiastic, highly empathetic, fiercely ambitious, inherently collaborative, exceptionally curious, and unexpectedly artistic.

More than anything, I am a guy that genuinely wants to be here. There is nowhere else I would rather be in Fall of 2016 than at HBS


Why you out of other six WP people? What makes your candidacy unique?

Great line up. Know each on personal level. Would love to call all of them my classmates. But realistic that need to make tough choices. What I can say is this:
(1) habit of leadership. Varsity sport captain. Founder of fundraising platform. Several leadership positions at student-run organizations, including managing $100K budget. Recruiting captain at Blackstone.
(2) analytical aptitude and appetite. Excelled at Wharton, Blackstone, and WP. All of which were extremely analytical. WP third year offer is a testament to not only my analytical abilities but also my ability to bring a different perspective to the table, participate in and enrich discussions, and clearly articulate my point of view
(3) engaged community citizen. Throughout my life I have made it my personal mission to help others push their boundaries and help them realize their potential. I have played sports with mentally challenged kids through KEEN Club, tutored struggling Wharton students through Penn tutoring center, and mentored kids through KIPP NYC. I am excited to share my experiences, support my classmates, and teach as well as learn from my peers

Most importantly, however, I like to think that I am a good guy. I am outgoing, enthusiastic, and genuine – someone that will actively contribute to classroom discussions and also be an active member of the community. My passion and excitement are unmatched – I WANT to be here more than anything else in the world. HBS is far and away my number one choice.