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**Why Penn?

Penn had always been on my radar, and in some ways the decision was an easy one.
(1) Home. It already felt like home: my brother and sister both attended UPenn, and I had visited the campus dozens of times over the course of many years. Came to love the urban campus, large diverse student body, and sense of community
(2) Well-Rounded Education. When applications rolled around, I took a close look. I was attracted to the school’s diverse curriculum because I wanted to pursue my myriad of interests. More specifically, I wanted to pursue a liberal arts education while pre-med. Wanted to grow as an artist and pursue my goal of becoming a surgeon


**Why transfer?

I originally decided to attend UPenn in order to explore my myriad of interests. I took a wide range of classes as a freshman, ranging from Advanced Microbiology to Microeconomics.

(1) After completing my freshman year Microeconomics course, I discovered that my true passion was business.

(2) My brother had also attended Wharton undergrad so he was a great resource as I was making the decision.


Why did you choose your undergraduate major/field?

I took a broad range of courses before deciding on major. One of my first classes I took was accounting which, as nerdy as it sounds, I loved. It was my first real foray into the world of business and it felt like I was learning a new language. I loved it. So core to the nuts and bolts of how businesses work. After establishing that foundation, I wanted to dive deeper into corporate valuation

(1) Analytical – I clicked with the material. Fascinated by corporate valuation.
(2) Team-Oriented Curriculum – more so than most other majors, coursework was very team-oriented and case-based (e.g. Venture Capital, Corporate Valuation)
(3) Excellent Finance Department – Wharton is known for its finance department, did not want to pass up on the oppty


Which other undergraduate colleges might you have chosen?

I did a thoughtful search, and I went all-in with UPenn. I knew what I wanted and I set my sights on it. Worked hard in order to achieve my goal.

Similarly, I am going all-in with HBS, which is far and away my first choice.


Tell me about your time as an undergrad.

Extremely positive experience - academically, personally, and professionally
1) Academically: loved negotiations and venture capital
2) Personally: capitalized on meaningful leadership opportunities that helped me grow
3) Professionally: Wharton equipped me with a great set of fundamental skills that set me up to excel in extremely competitive jobs in investment banking and venture capital


**What was your favorite class?

Favorite Class: Tough to choose one because I had a myriad of interests in college, from Psychology to Corporate Valuation. However, if I had to narrow it down, I would probably choose Venture Capital and Negotiations as my top two top draft picks. Negotiations likely my favorite course because 1) I first discovered the importance of negotiations in all aspects of life from personal issues (improving communication with girlfriend) to every day interactions (taxi cab, or WSJ subscription) to board room negotiations (Civitas) 2) most importantly, perhaps, I learned a lot about myself during the course (wrote a 200 page journal, avg was 50), more specifically, that I am extremely collaborative by nature and am always looking for the best outcome for all parties involved. I think this is an excellent negotiating style to have because creates the most amount of value


What was your least favorite class?

Least Favorite Class: It’s hard to say what least favorite class was because I was very interested in a lot of different subjects. I guess I would have to say Nutrition. I was fascinated by the subject matter and found the class to be incredibly helpful, however, I was not a huge fan of the course format. It was purely exam based with A LOT of memorization. I preferred my Wharton classes which were often oriented around team-based cases and projects. Played more to my learning style as well as personality.


What would you say is the brand of your undergraduate university?

UPenn = in the spirit of its founder, Benjamin Franklin, I believe that UPenn represents a school where students go to gain broad knowledge that spans multiple disciplines, from business to government to classics.

UPenn is very much a believer that knowledge is an asset that requires practical application to be of value, and that is the principle underlying the school’s curriculum


**What would you change about your undergraduate experience?

Transfer into Wharton sooner


What was your proudest moment in college?

First FOP charity concert I threw. I was absolutely blown away by 1) the support I received from my friends 2) the turn out of the event 3) how much I could grow personally as a leader


What was your legacy at your undergraduate university?

Work hard, play hard.
You’d see me in the library for days on end working on a corporate valuation project, then see me out on Thursday night organizing a concert with Wale with 1,000 students

My legacy is FOP


What advice would you give Amy Gutman?

I would pitch Civitas