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What is a salt?

A salt is any compound formed by the neutralisation of an acid by a base.


Where do the 2 parts of the salts name come from?

The first part comes from the metal, metal oxide or metal carbonate. The second part comes from the acid.


What salts does nitric acid produce?

Nitrate salts


What salts does hydrochloric acid produce?

Chloride salts


What salts does sulfuric acid produce?

Sulfate salts


If sodium hydroxide reacts with hydrochloric acid, what salt will it produce.

Sodium Chloride.


If zinc oxide reacts with sulfuric acid, what salt will it produce.

Zinc Sulfate


How do you make an insoluble salt?

To make an insoluble salt, two soluble salts need to react together in a precipitation reaction.


How do you make a soluble salt?

Soluble salts can be made by reacting acids with either soluble or insoluble bases.


What are the 3 main types of bases?

Metal oxides, Metal hydroxides (alkali) and metal carbonates.


What are the general word equations for each type of base when neutralising an acid?

1) Acid + metal oxide = salt + water
2) Acid + metal hydroxide = salt + water
(acid + alkali = salt + water)
3) Acid + metal carbonate = salt + water + carbon dioxide


What is a base?

A base is a substance that neutralises an acid. An alkali is a soluble base.


What is the word equation for potassium hydroxide and nitric acid?

Potassium hydroxide + nitric acid = Potassium nitrate + water