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'Is this a dagger I see before me..come let me clutch thee' (2,1)

Macbeth has a hallucination convincing him to murder Duncan.He uses this as a justification for his acts.It is a symptom of his feverish mind-the decision is consuming him.
Appearance vs reality


'Thous marshallst me the way I was going'(2,1)

Reveals Macbeth madness and insanity for power.
He attempts to justify his acts on the prophecies.
Inner conflict is destroyed, fate makes the decision.


'I heard the owl scream and the cricket cry'(2,2)

Macbeths act of regicide throws nature into disarray,he causes a disruption to nature.


' sleep no more... the innocent sleep' (2,2)

Macbeth act of regicide has disrupted natural order, he can no longer sleep something so natural before.


'Tis the eye of childhood...that fears a painted devil if he do bleed'

The devil imagery reflects the act of regicide making Macbeth go to hell.
Macbeth is describe alike to a child, he is innocent and unknowingly seeing this however LM is ignorant towards this guilt ridden insanity.


'Will all great Neptune's blood clean from my hand' and ' my hands are of your colour I shame to wear a heart so white... a little water clears us of this deed'

Macbeth is consumed by the guilt.He begins to panic at his bloody hands, he doubts the power of nature.
Lady Macbeth contrasts, she believes nature shall rid her of her guilt.She even feels ashamed to wear a heart so white,she pressures Macbeth.


'Hell-gate...knock knock knock...other devils name the scales against either scale'

The porter opens the gate to hell.This is immediately after Macbeth contemplates regicide,hinting his immoral actions.
The scales judge Macbeth his sins outweigh and he enters hell.
Imagery of lexical field of heat.This is a warning to audience to avoid immoral sins.


'Primrose way to the everlasting bonfire'

Comic relief is used in this scene to break the tension.Ut structurally follows the regicide,LM and M will go to hell.
The irony in the porter speech is that Macbeth gate to his castle is close to the gates of hell.


' the dark night strangles the travelling lamp'(2,4)
'Darkness does the face of the earth entomb'

Darkness floods with Macbeths corruption
Macbeth darkness consumes all goodness in this world through the metaphor.
Strangles reinforces the ambition of Macbeth.


'Tis unnatural...a falcon towering in her pride of place was by a mousing owl hawked and killed'(2,4)

Nature is disrupted by Macbeths regicide.
Animals attack each other it is unnatural.

Nature responds in order to restore the great chain of being Macbeth has disrupted.

Shakespeare uses this as a warning to society,a Jacobean audience may feel angry at Macbeth evil and corruption.