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What is Acute Abdomen?

Sudden, severe abdominal pain that could be caused by different things


What are four s/sx of Acute Abdomen?

1. Abdominal pain that worsens with movement
2. Involuntary guarding
3. Abdominal rigidity
4. Rebound tenderness


What is Appendicitis?

Inflammation of the Appendix


How does Appendicitis occur?

Edema, inflammation and increased pressure on the appendix (commonly caused by fecalith) decreases blood flow to healthy tissue--this causes distention, venous engorgement, gangrene, pain, and can cause necrosis, perforation and peritonitis


What is McBurney's point?

The point on the abdomen where the appendix is located: 2/3 way diagonally between the umbilicus and the anterior iliac crest.


What is fecalith?

Calcified feces, bacteria and mucus that can develop in the intestinal tract--and block the appendix--commonly leading to appendicitis.


What are four risk factors for developing Appendicitis?

1. Age
2. Dietary habits (low fiber)
3. Family history
4. Cystic Fibrosis


What are six s/sx of Appendicitis?

1. Rebound RLQ pain
2. Guarding, knees drawn up
3. Psoas, Rovsing or Obturator signs
4. Anorexia, vomiting
5. Fever
6. Constipation, bloating or diarrhea


What are six diagnostic tests one can do for Appendicitis?

1. Pain pattern--may occur over 1-3 days
2. Abdominal assessment
3. Labs (UA, differential WBC, CBC)
4. Abdominal XR, CT, US
5. Females should be ruled out for ectopic pregnancy.


What are three possible complications for Appendicitis?

1. Ileus
2. Perforation
3. Shock


What are 6 nursing priorities for Appendicitis?

1. NPO
2. Treat for pain
3. IVFs
4. Antibiotics
5. Monitor for worsening
6. Communicate with surgeon and team


What are 7 nursing implications for Appendicitis pre-operatively?

1. No laxatives or enemas (may cause rupture)
2. ATB for gram negative bacteria
3. Pain med may be withheld until dx is made
4. IVF
5. NPO strict
6. Plan for surgery
7. Monitor for peritonitis s/sx


What are 6 nursing implications for Appendicitis post-operatively?

1. Antibiotics for 48+ hours
2. Antiemetics
3. Ambulate on day of surgery
4. Flatus?
5. Advance diet as tolerated
6. Monitor for s/sx of peritonitis