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Aminoglycoside Toxicity

FENa > 1%

Non-oliguric ATN, granular casts in urine

Serum Cr rises 5-10 days after starting therapy


Acute Interstitial Nephritis

Urine findings: leukocytes, erythrocytes, WBC casts

Fever, Maculopapular rash, peripheral eosinophilia, urine eos

Cephalosporins are common cause

Onset 3-5 days after 2nd drug exposure


Cholesterol Emboli

Generally after invasive procedure (catheterization) or anticoagulant/thrombolysis administration

Clinical features include rash (livedo reticularis), AKI, purple discoloration of the toes, bowel ischemia, neurologic manifestations, and eosinophilia


Contrast induced

increase in serum creatinine of 0.5 mg/dL or an increase in serum creatinine of 25% from baseline at 48 hours after contrast administration.