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What are all the aspects that should be considered/included of the Antepartum stage:

Pregnancy involves the entire family
  • Woman (physiological & psychological)
  • Father of the baby
  • Extended family (siblings and grandparents)


What are the phases in Dx of pregnancy in the first trimester:

  1. Presumptive: "I think I'm pregnant, I have all the S/S of pregnancy, I'll just go buy a test to confirm."
  2. Probable: My test shows that I am postive for pregnancy (doesn't mean she's pregnant)
  3. Positive: UZ is used to Dx 


What is part of the first trimester initial assessment:

Assessment Interview

Physical Exam

Lab Work

  • Type and screen
  • Cultures
  • UA


What do we use to ask a first trimester mother about previous pregnancies in the gathering of OB Hx:

  • Gravidity: How many times did she get pregnant (regardless of outcome)
  • Parity: How many pregnancies have passed 20 wks

Parity is divided into 4 parts called PARA:

  1. Term
  2. Preterm
  3. Abortion
  4. Living


This pt's OB history includes: Gravida 3 and PARA 3003. What does this mean:

Pt has been prengnant 3 times, 3 were full-term, no preterms, no abortions, 3 living kids today


This pt's OB Hx includes a Gravida 3 and a PARA 2103. What does this mean:

The pt has been pregnant 3 times, 2 were full term, 1 was preterm (33 wks), no abortions, 3 kids today


Check to see if there's a certain amount of wks for a fetus to survive being delivered preterm

No less than 33 wks to survive?


This pt's OB Hx includes a Gravida 3 and a PARA 1112. What does this mean:

The pt has had 3 pregnancies, 1 full term baby, 1 preterm baby, 1 abortion, and 2 kids living today


This pt's OB Hx includes a Gravida 6 and a PARA 4113. What does this mean:

The pt has had 6 pregnancies, 4 full term (NND?), 1 preterm (22 wks), 1 abortion, and 3 living today


This pt's OB hx includes a Gravida 5 and a PARA 4106. This means what:

The pt has had 5 pregnancies, 4 full term, 1 preterms twins), 0 abortions, and 6 kids living today


What are the types of reproductive changes to expect in the first trimester:

Reproductive Changes

  • Ovulation/menses cease
  • Cervical changes
  • Uterus will increase in size/shape/position
  • Breast changes 


What does this picture mean:

Fundus height which is measured in cm from the pubis symphysis to the top most portion of the fundus


What are the cardiovascular changes in the first trimester pt:

Cardiological Changes:

  • Increased cardiac output/HR/blood volume
  • Coagulation changes d/t increased fibrogen which increases risks of clots


What are the respiratory changes in a first trimester pt:

Respiratory Changes:

  • Maternal O2 needs increased
  • Diaphragm is pushed up
  • Chest may enlarge for the allowance of greater chest expansion (mom will have SOB upon exertion until a lightneing effect