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BBB exists to maintain homeostasis in the environment surrounding neurons and to prevent neurotransmitters from escaping



BBB breaks down with aging



What kinds of conditions can cause temporary BBB breakdown?

- Post- MI leading to cerebral edema
- Following marked rise in BP
- After injection of hypertonic solutions


Structure of BBB

- Brain capillary endothelium with endothelial cells containing lots of metabolic enzymes to break down drugs
- Tight junctions between endothelial cells
- Astrocyte vascular feet processes


What gets through the BBB

Lipophilic molecules that are non-protein bound, un-ionized drugs, gasses, water


Evidence now shows that sub-concussive collisions in football players can can lead to disruption of the BBB integrity, leading to a surge in the astrocytic protein S100B in blood,



We knbow that lipophilicity is important for a drug to gain access to the CNS. How is it measured experimentally>

Octanol/Water partition coefficient...the higher the coefficient, the more easily the drug is absorbed


Why do lipophilic drugs have such long elimination times but such short durations of action

Long time for elimination because they are stored quickly in adipose tissue.
Short duration of action because they quickly distibute to a large volume of distribution.
Quick in Quick out...Quick to highly perfused organs (brain, heart, kidney) quick to perfuse out of them


What the fuck is P-GP

A drug efflux pump that keeps drugs out of the brain.