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What is basic IFR weather requirement?

FOM 4-7

Weather reports, forecasts MUST indicate weather conditions will be AT or ABOVE the authorized minimums of the destination released at ETA.


Airport has NO instrument approach available, when MUST an alternate airport be listed and where?

FOM 4-7
1. At minimum vectoring altitude: at least
Ceiling: 1000' AGL
VIS: 3sm
Above Specified controlling ceiling value

2. Listed on RELEASE


When do you need a takeoff alternate?

FOM 4-8

- When the WX minimums at departure below landing minimums. (Shown in OpSpecs)


How do we determine if an airport is "good" for a Take-off alternate?


Check derived mins. "for filing as alternate" listed back of 10-9

NA - not authorized - we can't calculate alternate minimums using a procedure that is not authorized


What parameters dictate a good takeoff alternate?

FOM 4-8

2 Engine:
- 1 hr from departure (300nm)
- normal cruise speed, still air
- 1 engine inop

*notify dispatch if you want change*


While enroute the airport weather changes and is now marginal. Can the flight continue?

FOM 4-9

If the weather changes after the point of dispatch the flight MAY CONTINUE.

- if no adverse affect on safety of flight
- add and alternate within fuel range
- add an alternate fuel stop within range.


What is a patchy runway? Is it considered contaminated?

- 25% or less of the surface covered by, snow, ice, etc..

- NOT considered contaminated


What considerations can you make landing on a contaminated runway?

1. Greatest flap configuration - slower touchdown speed, use less runway
2. Firm touchdown - gear struts compress - minimizes hydroplaning
3. Brakes as necessary
4. Consider reverse thrust


Prior aircraft reports POOR braking action.. With 5kt crosswind. Can you take off or land?

Yes, crosswind limit is 10kts

If winds increase to great than 10.. Then NO


Can you takeoff or land win a NIL braking action report?

NO, however we may depart if the braking report is POOR w/less than 10kts crosswind


What is considered SEVERE ICING? Are we authorized to fly in SEVERE icing? Can we be dispatched into an area with known severe icing?

1. rate of accumulation is such that deicing/anti-icing equipment fails to reduce or control the hazardous buildup


3. maybe dispatched as long the aircraft maybe assured it will not actually enter the condition.
- noted is REMARKS
- PIC ensures not entering by means of monitoring and communication with dispatch and ATC


Maybe we depart to an airport with freezing drizzle?

Yes, we may depart and continue to operate with freezing drizzle/rain only if it's LIGHT to MODERATE

However, an ALTERNATE Airport MUST be listed on dispatch release

We MAY NOT depart/land with HEAVY freezing drizzle/rain


Can we land at an airport reporting HAIL?


We may be dispatched or land at an airport forecast with snow/ice pellets, ice crystals, heavy snow and hail

But we may NOT land if it is actually hailing.


Can we land in HEAVY snow?



Can we Takeoff with snow pellets, heavy snow or hail?


You may depart with forecasted conditions, but you may NOT depart if ACTUALLY occurring.


How can you tell if you're encountering (SLD) SUPER-Cooled LARGE DROPLET icing? What do you do if you encounter?

1. ice accretion on SIDE windows

2. Turn ON ALL ANTI-Icing

3. Leave ICING conditions immediately


Can we takeoff or land at an airport reporting MICROBURST ALERTS in effect?




What are the basic Cat II requirements?

1. RVR: 12/6/3
- TDZ can't be inop
- MID or rollout may be Inop
2. 15kt max crosswind
3. ALSF 1/2 - seq. flashing lights may be Inop
4. RWY lights: HIRL, CL and TDZ
5. Cat ii - authorized / no Downgrade
6. Cat ii - speeds and checklist


How do you apply Exemption 3585?

1. Main Body WX = at or above mins.
2. Conditional WX = no lower than 1/2 required mins.
3. If dispatched w/Conditional for either destination or Alternate = 2nd alternate required
4. NO international
5. NO High Mins.

- BCMG wx is the new main body wx at the end of the BCMG period. BCMG MUST ALWAYS be ABOVE Mins.
- Monitor WX enroute