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Identify the significance of village in most African societies

The tribal village is the foundation of African society each person plays their own vital role in the survival of their whole community polyamory is common because having multiple wives is a sign of wealth young children pull weeds or short vegetables; older children heard of livestock or do household chores. Men under 35 protect the village and alderman govern


Identify the significance of initiation Riots in most African societies

A process entered into by 12 to 13 -year-olds in some cultures in 15 to 20 -year-olds and others it usually involves a multi step process including hunting dances ceremonies with masks as they make their transition into adulthood


How has tribalism affected sub-Saharan Africa

It is a central feature of sub-Saharan Africa. Individuals feel more allegiance to the tribe then to their nationstate


What are perhaps the greatest problems facing the establishment and growth of free government and western and central Africa

Corruption and sell for dancing rulers were more concerned with personal gain then with national advancement


Explain the influence of colonization in the history of sub-Saharan Africa

People now have a mixture of traditional ways and modern western


What is the name of the country formed in the Belgian Congo

The democratic republic of the Congo


What former slave market in capital of Nigeria is now the most important industrial center in western and central Africa



What irrupt it in Biafra In 1967 and continued until 1970

The Biafran war


What compound of the suffering of the people during the biafran war

A terrible famine after 1 million IBU died, they finally surrendered in 1970 instead of punishing the IVO, the Nigerian government try to bring reconciliation


What to African nations were settled by freed slaves

Sierra Leone and Liberia


Which of the two African nations were settled by freed slaves and we’re never colonized by Europeans



What was the main export product of Côte d’lvoire

Cocoa beans


Through which two nations does the Volta river flow

Burkina Faso and Ghana


What are the three largest tribal groups in Nigeria

Hausa Yoruba and ibo


Explain the significance of Hausa

It is the largest ethnic group in Nigeria 21% of Nigerians are Housa they are Muslims most are real living In traditional ways


Explain the significance of the Yoruba

It dominates the land southwest of the Niger and makes up 1/3 of the populations of Nigeria as well as the major portion of Benin they may have converted to Christianity or they have adopted western ways


Explain the significance of the ibo

In the southern region of Nigeria there they are Christians and make up about 18% of the population


Identify the significance of Charles Taylor to Liberia

The man brought power in Liberia when another coop wrecked the country in 1990, sparking one of the most horrifying civil wars in history. He supported revolution in the neighboring Sierra Leone. Rebels forced him out in 2003


Identify the significance of Ellen Johnson sir leaf to Liberia

SHe was elected by Liberians in 2005 as the first female president in Africa She served as the assistant minister of finance and worked for the World Bank she is known as the iron lady in Liberia



A strong identification with the tribe that speaks the same language or dialect



The worship of souls of animals, rivers, trees, rocks, thunderstorms, etc. Religious animist Believe that all things have a spirit and that the spirits are in charge of the world



Brought their government with an iron hand, sometimes allowing elections but not allowing competitive political parties



One of the most does Steve peoples of Africa they live in the jungle by hunting and gathering food they travel in small groups of 10 to 20 families, building villages of sticks and leaves to live in for a few months before moving on they have no Chiefs. And they make their decisions by coop discussion


Slave coast

The long curved eaten portion of the coast on the southern side of Africa is bulge it is called this because so many slave ships operated From the bays in this area



The southeastern quarter of Nigeria named for the bright of baiafra which lies east of the Niger delta and continue south and central America



A pantheistic religion , A form of animism practice by 2/3 of the people of benin


Gold Coast

Europeans were prompted to call Ghana this because of the abundance of gold there



These seeds/beans are dried and used in the production of chocolate it is Ghana’s chief export is


What leading export has been one of the main reasons for the bloody Civil War that began in 1991 and has continued to devastate the country of Sierra Leone



List For culture traits that distinguish sub-Saharan Africa from northern Africa

Sub-Saharan: is populated with people of a black race, you slash and burn agriculture, practice polygamy, and live in villages
Northern Africa: populated by era peoples, more modern and urbanized, practice Islam, Muslim heritage


What is the primary religion of senegal Gambia and Guinea



Where was Marxism common on the West Coast

Guinea and Guinea Bissau


Which country in central and western Africa develop a stable western Government



What for European languages or national languages in West and Central Africa

Portuguese Spanish French and English


What is the main river among the nations of west Africa

The Congo river


Name for diseases it plague Africa

Yellow fever African sleeping sickness malaria and HIV aids


Explain yellow fever causes and cures

Spread by mosquitoes treatments and preventative vaccines are available but epidemic still occur


Explain African sleeping sickness causes and cures

Spread by the tsetse fly as it feeds on the blood of humans or animals The result is death unless the victim seeks medical help


Explain malaria causes and cures

Spread by the anopheles mosquito some varieties have no known cure certain drugs and mosquito nets on common options for prevention a chemical spray call DDT is used to drive away mosquitoes but is not used often


Explain HIV aids causes and cures

Spread by sexual contact and by drug users through needles found drugs that help at night tour


Why is Côte d’lvoir one of the most developed countries of sub-Saharan Africa

The country‘s capital is a major port city and the largest city in west Africa it welcomes French teachers businessman and other skilled workers they have a stable government


What’s nation in Central And western Africa has the most people



Which nation in central and western Africa has the largest area

the democratic republic of the Congo


What nation in central and western Africa contains most of the likouala the largest jungle wilderness Remaining in Africa

The republic of Congo


Which nation in central and western Africa use a Spanish is the national language

Equilateral Guinea


What two nations in central and western Africa uses Portuguese as a national language

Guinea bassau and Cape Verde


What characteristics are common to prosperous countries in sub-Saharan Africa

Stable government close ties to Europe location on islands deposits of offshore oil or other minerals