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How does ageing affect us?

-Mobility decreased and stiffer joints.
-Weaker immune system.
-Memory recall affected.
-Feeling empty and isolated.
-Don't get to see friends often.
-Struggle to cope financially.
-Communication decreased.


When do the effects of ageing happen?

-Each individual is unique- some experience it through their 50's some later.
-Physical changes happen naturally.
-Occur due to limited amount of time body cells can repair and renew.


What is cardiovascular disease?

-Disease of heart and blood vessels.
-Blood vessels narrow naturally, or due to fats like cholesterol being deposited. Also lose elasticity.
-Can cause heart attacks.


What factors influence coronary heart disease?

-Glucose levels.
-Blood pressure.
-Family history.


What is the nervous system?

-Nerves, spinal cord, and brain.
-Senses depend on the nervous system.


How does ageing affect the nervous system?

-Brain functions begin to decline.
-Reaction time and performance tasks are slower.
-Reduced ability to use words.
-Decreased sensations.
-Strokes, depression, Alzheimer's.


What is dementia?

-How the brain starts to break down.
-Affect behaviour, eyesight, feelings and cognitive abilities.
-Quick deterioration.
-Vascular dementia=caused by problems with blood supply to brain, language and memory problems.


What is Alzheimer's?

-Most common form of dementia.
-Onset is slow, problems with memory, language and thought.
-Trouble with STM and recalling names/places.
-Lose ability to carry out tasks like brushing teeth and cooking.


What causes a rise in confidence and self-esteem through ageing?

-Fulfilling retirement.
-Spending time with family.
-Achieved life goals.


What causes a fall in confidence and self-esteem through ageing?

-Illness and injury.
-Death of partner.
-Fear of dying.
-Struggle to cope financially and independently.


What are the effects of changes in roles?

-Low self-confidence.
-Socially isolated.
-Now have grandchildren.
-Used to view themselves as head of the house but now has changed as they have become older and weaker.


What are the effects of death of friends?

-Struggle mentally.
-Loss of emotional support.
-Unhappy and depressed.


What are the effects of death of partner?

-Hard to cope.
-Sense of despair.
-Loss of intimacy.
-Sense of relied-less pain for partner.
-Anxiety or depression.


What are the effects of increase in leisure time?

-More engaged and less isolated.
-Boost in self-esteem.
-More freedom and independence.
-Better outlook on life.


What are the effects of financial concerns?

-Difficult to cope.
-Lack in sleep.
-Stress and worry can increase BP.
-Worry about bills=lead to arguments.


What are the theories involved in ageing?

-Social Disengagement Theory.
-Activity Theory.


What do older people need provisions for?

-Loss of mobility.
-Chronic conditions.
-Loss of independence.


What type of of provision is available for older people?

-Acute care; meet immediate health needs.
-Social care.
-Psychological care; counselling, mentors.
-End-of-life care; pain relief.