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What is Air Power?

A difficult concept to define. The British definition: "The ability to project power firm the air and space to influence the behaviour of people or the course of events"


What are the 3 main characteristics of Air Power?

• Speed
• Height
• Reach


Speed and Air Power

The rapid arrival and build-up of aircraft near or in trouble spots provides a visible sign of presence and intent.

Modern air operations are also extremely flexible and can be switched between attack, defence and Support depending on the needs of the moment


Height and Air Power

Air Power is less vulnerable to enemy fire when compared with land and sea forces


Reach and Air Power

Air operations can also be conducted from bases far away from the opponent's military forces.

Reconnaissance required reach and height for high-level missions while transport aircraft use speed and reach to move force and equipment rapidly from home bases to deployed operations


An example of an air operation conducted from a base far away from the opponent's military forces?

Operation Allied Forces
RAF Tornados operated from their home base in Germany and attacked targets in Kosovo.


What are the 4 categories of Air Power?

• Control of the Air
• Intelligence
• Air Mobility
• Attack


What does Control of the Air encompass foremost?

Offensive and defensive activity- the balance between the two determined by the prevailing situation


What event for the West caused the focus to be sharpened on controlling the air, particularly by exploiting technology?

The Cold War


What are Russia and China embracing the possibilities of?

Low observable aircraft. Both have produced prototype 5th-generation fighters
•in the Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA (Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation)
• Chengdu J-20
• Shenyang J-21/31
These are expected to lead to operation versions in the 2017-19 timeframe.


Operations in which domain appear likely to be a key component in future air battles?

Exploiting cyber attack against the command, control and communications infrastructure


What does ISTAR stand for?

Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance


Where is the Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing (TIW) based?

RAF Marham- an independent 1 Group Force.

They cover a wide span of imagery and intelligence missions.

Tasks include: exploitation of electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) imagery, producing intelligence products in direct support of deployed operations


What happened to ISTAR in 2011?

A major restructuring of the ISTAR chain of command. Building upon the re-brigading of all Combat ISTAR platforms under Air Officer Commanding (AOC) 1 group and establishing a new Force Headquarters on April 1st, 2012


What role does 13 sqn (Waddington) have?

Reaper operations control in the UK


RAF Wyton is home to?

The Joint Forces Intelligence Group (JFIG) HQ, formally the Intelligence Collection Group, which is compromised if of the Defence Human Intelligence organisation, the Defence Geographic Centre, Defence Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Centre, the Joint Service Signals Organisation and the Joint Aeronautical and Geospatial Organisation


At which 2 stations does the Air Mobility Force live?

RAF Brize Norton
RAF Northolt