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Substance Abuse Free Environment(SAFE)

1. reduce # of substance abuse incidents
2. detect and separate members who abuse, traffic or possess drugs
3. facilitate identification, treatment and rehab of members who are chemically dependent on drugs



1. managed by HQ substance abuse program and regional substance abuse program representatives
2. job of all coasties to promote responsible use of drugs


Drug Incident

process for separation
subject to UCMJ


What must be present for there to be a drug incident

intentional use of drugs
wrongful possession of drugs
intentional use of other agents
intentional use of prescription drugs


What is an alcohol related situation

any situation where alcohol was involved or present but wasnt a caus-
itive factor for members undesirable performance
alcohol does not need to be consumed
member counseled and documented in cg-3307 personal data record


What is an alcohol incident

alcohol must have actually been consumed
if not advanced beyond e-2 and more than 2 years of service will norm-
ally be processed out


Alcohol facts

alcohol/drug dependent will be offered treatment before discharge
alcohol abusers will not have separation delayed for treatment
members can have self referrals removed form pdr's after completeing
prescribed care