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What is the recommended frequency of preventive visits for healthy children?

Every one to two years


What are the three checklist template age ranges?

6 to 9
10 to 13
14 to 17


What are the section headings for the Greig Health Record?

- Weight, Height and BMI
- Psychosocial history and Development
- Nutrition
- Education and advice
- Specific concerns
- Examination
- Assessment
- Immunization
- Medications


What charts should be used to monitor growth?

WHO Growth charts 2014


What should be the focus of social history in younger children?

1. Family structure and dynamics incld. discipline
2. School performance and enjoyment
3. Extracurricular activities
4. Peer relationships incld. bullying


What are street-involved youth at higher risk for?

1. Poverty
2. Homelessness
3. Substance use
4. Violence
5. STI
6. Abuse


What is the rate of poverty in Canada?

1 in 7 children live in poverty. 1/3 of households in Canada have substandard or inadequate living conditions.


What should physicians screen for socially in youth?

Depressive disorder
Problem internet use
Excessive screen time and gaming
Habitual online gambling
Cellphone behaviors with risk
Alcohol use
Drug use


What screening tool can be used for alcohol and drug problems in adolescents and young adults <21yo?

CRAFFT screening questionnaire


What are the recommendations regarding STI screening?

1. chlamydia and gonorrhea screening for ALL sexually active females and for males at risk
2. HIV screening for ALL sexually active adolescents >15yo
3. Youth <15yo should be screened for STI when they have risk factors
4. Cervical cancer screening is not recommended for women <21yo


What are the recommendations regarding breast and testicular cancer screening?

Routine clinical or self-examination of breasts or testicles is not recommended


What should be screened for in terms of nutrition and physical activity?

Nutrition status
Body image/dieting
Physical activity
Screen time
Sleep issues


What are the Canadian guidelines for physical activity?

At least 60min per day of moderate to intense physical activity for school-aged children and youth


What injury prevention and safety topics should be discussed?

1. Booster seats in motorized vehicles
2. Helmet use while cycling, skiing, and skating
3. Risks of ATV, snowmobile, and trampolines
4. Safer sun practices
5. Banning youth and children from commercial tanning faciltiies
6. Limit access and ensure safer storage of firearms
7. Prevention and management of concussions
8. Workplace safety
9. Avoiding environmental hazards


What is recommended for dental care?

1. Professional dental care
2. Regular brushing with a fluoride containing toothpaste
3. Regular flossing
4. Fluoride supplementation if not present in the water supply


What should be included in the physical examination?

1. Height
2. Weight
3. BP
4. Visual acuity screening


Should asymptomatic adolescents be screened for idiopathic scoliosis?



What laboratory screening tests are recommended?

1. Rubella immunity confirmation in sexually active females
2. Ferritin for individuals at high risk for iron deficiency
3. Lipid and plasma glucose screening for overweight or obese children >10yo

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