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Club cells can be found in
A. Bronchioles
B. Bronchi
C. Alveolar ducts
D. Alveoli

Club cells can be found in
A. Bronchioles


Vitreous humor is made up of
A. lactate
B. pyruvate
C. Ascorbate
D. water

vitreous humor is made up of D. water


Portion of eye which controls lens shape?
A. Iris
B. Cornea
C. Sclera
D. Ciliary body

D. ciliary body
controls lens shape


Brunner glands are usually found in the:
A. serosa of Small Intestine
B. serosa of large intestine
C. submucosa of duodenum
D. mucosa of jejunum

Brunner glands at
C. submucosa of duodenum


Aside from Hirschprung disease, where else does migration of neural crests occur?
A. Meckel's diverticulum
B. Pyloric stenosis
C. Achalasia
D. Duodenal atresia

Migration of neural crests occurs at
C. Achalasia


Structure compressed at nutcracker syndrome
A. left renal artery
B. right renal artery
C. left renal vein
D. right renal vein

Structure compressed at nutcracker syndrome:
C. left renal vein - it is between SMA and abdominal artery, and is often compressed in groin injury


only moveable bone in the head



male and female primordial genital ducts are differentiated by ___ wk AOG